AXA Shields Revealed

New AXA shields…. A Very Rare Shield worth using.

AXA Shield

Back on November 18th we reported on a new AXA Shield found in the Ingress 1.65 APK ( It was, at the time unknown how these shields would be acquired or any stats that accompanied them.

Latest intel reports that these shields will have the mitigation of 70 with a stickiness of 70.  This equates to 70% for both values, making it a true game changer in the way you ”mod defend” your farm, guardian portal, or anomaly portals.

Intel from AXA directly has reported the following:
“Paris, December 16, 2014 – The AXA Group announced that it has partnered with Google’s Niantic Labs in a unique initiative integrating the global brand into Ingress, the interactive ‘real world’ mobile game. More than 20,000 retail agencies around the world will become AXA branded in-game ‘Portals’ for Ingress players to interact with using their mobile devices in the real world. AXA branded Portals are accessible today in Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Indonesia and Switzerland and will begin to activate in the United States, Japan and other countries in 2015. The partnership extends into Ingress’ virtual storyline allowing players to engage with the AXA branded Portal locations and portals around the world where they can find ‘AXA Shields….which players can obtain from AXA branded Portal locations are the strongest known protective units in the game. ‘AXA Shields’ can also be found at any existing Portal but with a higher probability at AXA Portals.”
It has also been reported that Jamba Juice Portals are being removed in waves, lets just hope that one wasn’t your guardian.


As you can see the values pulled from behind the scenes shows the description, naming and values about this new shield.

"modResource" :
{"rarity" : "VERY_RARE",
"stats" : {"MITIGATION" : "70",
"resourceType" : "EXTRA_SHIELD",
"displayName" : "AXA Shield"},
"displayName" : {"displayName" : "AXA Shield",
"displayDescription" : "Ultra high powered protective shield for Portals.},


For more information regarding this shield, check out our manual page: