Ingress APK Teardown [1.76.0]

Welcome back to another Ingress Teardown. Version 1.76.0 is currently on a 1% roll out to a Play Store near you. Assuming no extreme errors crop up, the Ingress population should have this version within 72 hours.




A common phrase thrown around is “handshake”. A few days before this blog post, the ever familiar handshake had a change.


As you can see from above the enableEntityPicker & enableBoostRechargeV2 were enabled for 1.76.0. Now that 1.76.0 is in our hands, we can examine these two features in detail.



Entity Picker

Ever had a problem selecting a mission waypoint that is mixed up with some portals? Some learned the trick of “navigating” to the waypoint in order to fix this, but Entity Picker aims to fix this issue in a different manor.

The code shows that any


Will now have a selector on screen in dense areas. A picture explains this a lot better, so here are some examples.

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As you can see. Here is a recap

  • Max of 6 picker icons on screen
  • Shows up when items laying on top of each other
  • Shows up when portals close together (dense portal area)
  • Shows Capsule unique ID
  • Clicking the Picker pop-up acts as the “click” of the item



Boost Recharge v2

While hinted in 1.75.0. The actual change seems to be less interesting than originally anticipated. The old version “v1” of recharge used to work the instant your orange progression bar hit 100%. With this change, the boost recharge doesn’t take place until after you let go of the “Recharge” button after it reaches 100%.

At this point the server then issues a boost recharge and updates the client. This change must have been a networking / server / usability problem as the max recharge is still at 15,000 XM.



Shards Detected?

It appears that the 41 Lightman Shards coming this anomaly will have a tiny extra feature. The portal view screen (if that portal is housing a shard) will contain this message.

<string name="MOREINFO_FRAGMENTS_DETECTED">Shards detected</string>
This was only way to detect a shard on the portal view screen prior to 1.76.0
This was only way to detect a shard on the portal view screen prior to 1.76.0
When clicking a portal picture, text will say “Shards detected”. Listing the IDs of them. This feature is still under development, so this may change.

So basically this will help to show players they are interacting with a portal that contains shard(s), because unless you follow Ingress on Google Plus closely you would probably have no idea what they are.




While these languages do not have a selection in the “Ops” -> “Device” -> “Language” setting. The languages listed below seem to now translate scanner features if your device locale is set to them.

  • German (values-de)
  • French (values-fr)
  • Italian (values-it)
  • Polish (values-pl)
  • Portuguese (values-pt-rBR)
  • Russian (values-ru)
  • Simplified Chinese (values-zh-rCN)
  • Traditional Chinese (values-zh-rTW)




This version was built on April 28, and released on May 4th. We are still awaiting news on one feature in the handshake that has not yet appeared in the scanner. This change was “enableMultipleArtifacts“. This change can be seen above as the “Shards detected” change.

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