Not What I Was Taught

Not What I Was Taught – Review

Not What I Was Taught

Stella V shared a video  Tuesday though her Ancient Truths Blog. It features her and ex-CIA agent Greg Jordan talking about the subject of Endgame. This is a very important video as it brings two worlds together: the Endgame Book and the Endgame Ancient Truths ARG. The information dropped in this video seems subtle, but it is HUGE. Look at what we learn:



  1. Stella V is talking to Greg Jordan. THE Greg Jordan who had been posting odd videos for months before the launch of the Endgame book.
  2. He mentions having looking into Endgame for almost a decade and talked to dozens of people.
  3. Greg tell Stella when Endgame happens, almost everyone is going to die.
  4. Greg knows who put the glyphs in Stella’s house, Nori Ko.
  5. Nori Ko is an ex-Endgame player, who, according to Greg, should have become an Endgame Trainer. She is one of the most dangerous people he has ever met.
  6. Nori Ko, a mercenary, is selling secrets to the highest bidder. According to Greg, she wants Stella’s money, although there may be more Nori wants.
  7. Greg tells Stella the 12 Lines she follows are the 12 Lines of Endgame.
  8. There is one champion in Endgame for each line and they are called a Player. They need to be young to be eligible. When Endgame begins, they fight to the death. When they die, their whole line dies. Only one line can survive.
  9. Stella states she was not taught that, Greg counters with questioning the source, Wayland Vyctory.



As many know, Stella V is holding a party in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on February 21, coinciding with an Ingress satellite Shonin Anomaly event. The Endgame: Ancient Truths ARG was designed, among other things,  to help link the mobile app with the Endgame book series. Up until this video, Endgame had not really been mentioned and Stella was ignorant of the concept. She knew of the 12 Lines, but only that they linked to an Ancient Truth. Greg Jordan brings these two concepts together in one stark moment, “ That’s what you have been preparing your Students for. That’s your Ancient Truth.”

So, now that the two worlds have met, what will Stella do with what Greg has told her?