13MAGNUS Reawakens Anomaly Results

After 7,809 Portals, 2,022 Volatiles, 373 Shards Captured, 5,709 fields held, in 18 cities over 2 weekends, the 13MAGNUS Reawakens Anomaly series goes to the Enlightened!

Round 1 saw Enlightened dominate in Brisbane and Petaling Jaya while Resistance took full control of Macau. Both teams managed to score between 95.3% and 99.8% of the points in the Phase 3 Field Frenzy in their respective winning cities in this round.

In round 2, the official record shows that each team won 1.5 points each as Basel went to Resistance, Nantes went to Enlightened, and technical difficulties lead to a tie in Szczecin.

The battle in Ann Arbor in round 3 was fierce with the lead changing hands multiple times during the Phase 2 Shards. Resistance there were able to come out as winners there dominating in the Field Frenzy. The Nashville event was polar opposite; despite the Resistance capturing a majority of the Volatiles in Phase 1, they did not capture a single shard or hold any fields for the rest of the day giving the Enlightened the highest city score for the series of 273.2 points.

Round 4 saw similar results to round 1 with Enlightened winning two of the cities and Resistance winning one.

Round 5 saw the first sweep score won which gave the Resistance an extra anomaly series point for winning in all three cities in the round. At this stage of the series, Resistance were winning by a single point, 8.5 to 7.5.

In the final round of the series, the Enlightened unraveled all the hard work of the Resistance in round 5 by winning in all 3 cities and won the bonus sweep point to win the series, 11.5 to 8.5

Across the entire series, Enlightened captured the most Volatiles (by 120), and most Shards (by 49) while Resistance held the most Portals (by 317) and most Fields (by 847)

An interesting look at what stage the 373 shards landed at their respective targets. 60% of the shards were scored in the first 10 minutes (M2) and 90% were scored in the first 30 minutes (M6).