2015 Anomalies – Year in Review

In 2015, we saw 153,492 points earned, 18,658 portals captured, 5,616 links create, 1,898 fields established and 177 shards scored over 63 cities during the 3 anomaly series.

The Resistance won the most points this year by a margin of 4,422 points with the shards being one of their strongest point contributing 12.7% of their total points (compared to 4.5% for the Enlightened). The biggest point earner for both teams were the Volatile portals which were worth 30.2% of the Enlightened’s total points and 26.2% for the Resistance.


The Shonin Anomaly Series got off to a very close start with only 3 points difference after the first round. The Enlightened managed to push ahead to finish the first day in the lead by 693 points and continued that push into the start of the 2nd day. It all came tumbling down in round 4 where the Resistance blasted ahead in Europe by almost 5 thousand points followed by scoring 13 shards to none.



Persepolis kicked off with a much moore abrupt start when the Resistance won the first round by 2,775 points. The Enlightened fought back hard winning rounds 2 and 3 but another smashing by the Resistance in Europe again in round 4 made it a hard task. The Enlightened managed to score 9 shards with another 8 not to far away but weren’t able to score those last few in time. by the end of the series, the Resistance won by a rather close 429 points.

Persepolis Cities


After a break during Q3, the Abaddon anomaly finally came around. The series started with the Flash Shards events which the Resistance won 3 out of 4. A trend noticed over the past few anomalies is that the Enlightened would win in Asia/Pacific and the Americas while the Resistance would win in Europe, and that trend almost continued through Abaddon until the Resistance landed 4 shards in the US in round 3 to almost guarantee them the win. The Enlightened didn’t give up fighting strong to the very end by winning round 6 by a significant margin and win the total value by 4,717 points to end the year on a positive note.


Abaddon Cities


Both teams fought very hard throughout the year even when the odds were against them. The Resistance came out victors winning all three anomalies this year and their 7th consecutive series leaving the Enlightened still winless since the #13Magnus anomaly.

Thank you to everyone that has supported us this year and followed our coverage of Ingress anomalies, we have some exciting changes in anomaly coverage coming in 2016.

Stay tuned over the next few days, we’ve got the year in review for the Niantic Investigation and for Ingress FS.