2018/19 Anomalies and Ingress Prime News

After much anticipation, Niantic have finally revealed the dates and locations for all the upcoming XM Anomalies until Q2 2019. Things kick off on the 28th of July with six events with another six on the 25th of August. This could help us narrow down the window of a possible release date for Ingress Prime of late July at the latest. This can be further confirmed by a few other facts: In Andrew Krug’s February AMA, the answer to question 10 confirms that Mission Days are now on hold while the release of Ingress Prime is being worked on:

Q10: Dries Goddefroy – Is there anything you can tell about the stop for new mission days?
A10: We have put a pause to processing any new Mission Days as we sort out things related to Ingress Prime’s release.

The last Mission Day currently planned is in the Ukraine on the 26th of May, and the Ingress G+ page is looking for registrations for new Mission Days from August onwards. I’d say expect Ingress Prime to drop in either June or July this year if all goes well.


As mentioned above, the next series will be in Q3 and will have six cities on 28th of July and 25th of August, with one primary and one satellite in each region (Asia/Pacific, Europe and Americas) on each day.

Q4 2018 and Q1 2019 look similar both with nine satellite sites on the first day followed by three primary and three satellites on the second day.

Q2 2019 looks to be a bit of a change, with only three primaries announced so far but are all on different weekends in May. With no other events those days, all focus will be on each of those respective primaries.

NOTE: The date above for the Chicago anomaly is wrong. It is May 25, 2019.

Additionally, we saw in an Ingress announcement:

In addition, we are monitoring chatter that Faction specific Safe Haven lodging will appear near these Anomaly Zones for the first time to shield Agents from unnecessary XM exposure. More info to come.

While such a short amount of details, I think we can make an educated guess that Niantic will aid in the organization of faction specific hotel/lodging for anomalies. In the past this has been a task assigned to both factions for their own team to organize.