2023 IngressFS Update

We’re excited to announce the return of Onsite First Saturday. And for those of you that love First Saturday @home – we’re keeping the option for Online First Saturday.

Onsite First Saturday is a new experience and different from IFS in 2019.

How to get credit – To verify your attendance and qualify for IFS credit, you must check in with your onsite IFS organizer. See your site’s event page for specific meeting location and requirements. You must also earn a minimum of 10k AP.

Decoding challenge – During the event, different media items will drop from 11 portals around the base portal listed on your event page. Keep track of each media and which portal dropped it! Your organizer will give you a scavenger hunt guide to match up the media to the portal passcode key. Find all the media, match it up to the portals, and you’ll earn a valuable local passcode. (Is anyone else missing that sweet drop of 25 US1??) IMPORTANT – The passcode can only be redeemed for 3 hours starting at your event time. Don’t miss out!

Restocking portals – 30 minutes after the event ends (2 hours, 30 minutes after the start), Restocking Portals will output a large amount of items in a restock hack. 

Onsite organizers – Event verification requirements are mostly the same as with FS@home. You can now submit a group photo with agents holding swag/scanners. Participant spreadsheet with verification checkmark and submitted passcode are still required. You must confirm that an agent earned at least 10k AP before verifying them for the event.

But what about….? Onsite IFS is a completely new First Saturday experience. There is no registration hack, there will not be a double AP reward, and there is no bonanza hack from the restock portal. To make up for this, the onsite passcodes will have a super loadout. See the Organiser’s Guide for details about Mission fast track.

Online IFS – Online IFS will be mostly the same as FS@home. Check the event page where you signed up for specific requirements from your local organizers. New Requirement: Online participants must recharge a minimum of 10k XM each. Organizers are responsible for verifying that requirements have been met for each agent.

Don’t Forget – Event time and portal details will be locked in when registrations close 9 days before the event. Details on the first page of the form will remain open and editable through event day.

Find complete details of the new Online and Onsite First Saturday events on the Organiser’s Guide.

Agents, it’s time to move!