Abaddon Anomaly part 1

The Abaddon Anomaly kicked off last month with the Flash Shard events where the Enlightened won 1 city and the Resistance won 3, going into last weekend in the lead.

There are a few differences with how this series is being scored. Points are awarded in levels for Links and Fields and fields are worth 35% of the opposite team’s score

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The weekend kicked off with the first anomaly Asia/Pacific with the enlightened winning all four of the cities by more than double the points each.


A couple of hours after the first anomaly was completed, it was time for round two and the Resistance made a comeback, winning by more than double the points.


The final anomaly this weekend was hotly contested; the Enlightened won the city points but the first shards this weekend were landed by the Resistance for them to steal the win for this round.


Both teams were neck and neck on the first measurement of Septicycle 2015.43 but the Enlightened steamed ahead far enough that a Resistance checkpoint with more than 5 billion MU wasn’t enough to beat them.

The Resistance are currently in the lead with the all important Abaddon series points, 9 to 4 however the Enlightened are leading in the cumulative value by a tiny 88 points.