Abaddon Anomaly Finale

69,645 Points, 7,720 portals, 3,448 links, 1,159 fields, 152 shards, 28 cities, 22 characters, 6 anomalies – The Resistance have won the Abaddon Anomaly Series!

The Resistance got off to a strong start to the series winning 3 of the 4 shard events and Anomalies 2 and 3 which meant that the Enlightened would have had to win all three anomalies last weekend. Overall, the Enlightened finished the series with more total points, portals, volatiles, links, anchored fields and covering fields than the Resistance. However, it wasn’t in the right places to take the series.


Abaddon 04

The Enlightened started the last day of Abaddon standing very strong but only on one foot: Their win in Okinawa was large enough to offset the Resistance wins in the other three cities.


Abaddon 05

The 2nd round of the day saw the Resistance win 3 out of 4 cities once again but with control of the primary in Milan, they were able to win this round.



Abaddon 06

With the anomaly points at 13 to 8 and this round only worth 4 points, it meant that the Enlightened wouldn’t be able to win the series no matter the outcome but it didn’t stop them for a second as they won 3 of the 4 cities in this final round.


Global Mind Units

The Septicycle started off with the Resistance in the lead but that was short-lived when the Enlightened created Gigafields for the second checkpoint. However, the Enlightened’s score wore off gradually until the Resistance started anomaly day with some massive fields worth almost 3 billion MU.

cycle chart

cycle graph

Coming up soon, we’ll be covering the decoding techniques used to for the Volatile portal puzzles with Jack, Mustafa will go over the effects on the story that the anomaly had and I’ll have The Year that Was in Anomalies.