Abaddon Prime Day 1 (Kaohsiung)

Day 1 of the Abaddon Prime Anomaly was a single city affair in Kaohsiung, Taiwan on May 4th.

Enlightened started the day off strong scoring 30 shards in the first measurement and 821 points in the Capture Battle in the second measurement. The Resistance struggled to come back from that only scoring 219 points in the Capture Battle in the sixth measurement and 4 shards in the eighth measurement. Resistance didn’t come out empty handed, they were able to win the Artifact Challenge with 55% of the score and won the 65 points for the hack challenge by hacking an average of 15 portals more than the Enlightened.

The Enlightened’s winning of the Shard Battle has earned them the loyalty of Niantic Researcher Enoch Dalby. They also won the single point towards the Abaddon series by winning this event by 59.14 points.

Tune in next week for the results from Amsterdam’s anomaly going on now.