Abaddon Prime Day 2 (Amsterdam)

Day 2 of Abaddon Prime continues with the single city format in Amsterdam, Netherlands on May 12th.

The Resistance started the day with a commanding lead in both the Shard and Capture battles and managed to hold a total margin of over 100 points across all 9 measurements.

Looking at the scores paint an interesting photo with regards to the Artifact and Unique Portal Hacks challenge. The Resistance seemed to ignore the unique portal challenge, losing by at least 50 unique hacks per agent but actively competed in all other challenges, including the artifact collection losing by only .2 artifacts (average). These two challenges going to the Enlightened effectively cut the lead of the Resistance in half, but it was not enough to take the win.

There remains only one “mega” anomaly left in the Abaddon series coming up soon in Chicago, USA.