Abaddon Prime Day 3 (Chicago)

With each faction winning one day each of the Abbadon Prime Anomaly series so far, the fate of the series rested on the battle in Chicago on May 25th.

The Enlightened kicked things off strong scoring 21 shards in the first measurement while the Resistance scored none, combined with their strong score in the Capture battle as well, Enlightened started off with a 163 point lead. This strong lead was probably due in part to the Enlightened using Carrie’s journal to decode crucial knowledge in Measurement 1.

Carrie’s journal has been used to decode all Research Portals for the first measurement of the Chicago Abaddon Prime XM Anomaly.

In Measurement 3, Resistance scored 7 shards earning them a quarter of the 100 points available for the challenge and brought down the Enlightened’s total winning margin down to 84.6 points.

In the Capture battle, Enlightened were able to hold more than 200 battle points in all 9 measurements and scored their highest in the forth measurement with 343 battle points and increasing their lead by 2 points. Not much changed in the portal battle after that until the second to last measurement when Resistance were finally able to break through 200 battle points and bring down the margin to just 75.2 points.

Looking at the Ingress Twitter feed, we can see the Resistance deployed their Darsana Lens, which neutralized Enlightened portals in the play box that weren’t highly contested.

With both lens deployed (Enlightened lens used in Amsterdam) & Carrie’s Journal activated for measurement 1 – the only Osiris sequence left was the Resistance’s Hank Johnson who was providing additional artifacts as he moved throughout the play box. Resistance were able to make the most out of this by holding an average of 1.56 more artifact sets than the Enlightened had by the end of the day.

With the advantage from the artifacts combined with the almost 20 more unique portal hacks per agent (worth the full 65 points) the Resistance were able to get, allowed them to steal the win for the day, and therefore the Abaddon Prime Series at the last possible chance with the smallest, 3 point margin.

With that, the Abaddon Prime series comes to a end with a close battle conclusion.