Aegis Nova Anomaly Report

18 cities done and only one remains. The Enlightened are in the lead with series points, 17 to 7 leaving the Resistance with no chance of winning the series before going into the 5 point Tokyo super anomaly. There is a lot of speculation going around that something will come up that will make this final anomaly worth both teams fighting their very best for, whether that be secret intel on the next series, an effect on the storyline or something we could never even imagine. Our Live Blog will be back to trace every minute of the event so stay tuned!

Day 1
Day 2

GORUCK Results

Day 1 GORUCK saw both team win 12 Stealth Ops challenges each and Res take out the Urban Ops, 14 to 9. On day two, Enl won Stealth Ops, 13 to 7 and Res won Urban ops, 12 to 8.

Aegis Nova GORUCK

Day 1

On day 1 in Tainan, Res lead the way into M1 with the shards but when it came to the portal cluster, Enl scored enough to take the lead. M2 was a much more closer battle with a tough wrestle for the shards only for both teams to score 13 each followed by scoring points for links and fields (+10% each) making the 6 extra portals captured by Res the deciding factor for the measurement. In M3, Enl took control of the shards, 14 to 4, and the cluster battle to build up a margin of 326 points but Res weren’t going to take it lying down, scoring 11 shards in the first jump of M4 and 6 more in the 2nd jump bringing the margin to 26 points in their favour. Going into the final cluster battle, Res were leading by 48 points but it wasn’t enough once Enl managed to score 75 points more than Res in Portals to win the city by 74 points.

01-Aegis Nova Day 1 - Tainan

Enl kicked things off in Chiang Mai scoring all 4 shards on the 3rd jump in M1 but they didn’t seem to make it to the first cluster where Res scored 5 portals to 1. From here, the margin sat steady at 36 points to Enl during M2 where neither team scored a single shard. Res put in a lot of effort in this cluster holding 24 links and 10 fields all for a single point but they at least made a decent dent with portals captured, 35 points to 15. In the final measurement, Enl captured 3 of the shards on the first bounce and the last shard on the 2nd jump then furthered their lead in the last cluster by winning in all categories.

02-Aegis Nova Day 1 - Chiang Mai

Manila got off to a slow start with both teams only capturing a single shard each but after the first cluster, Enl took off not letting Res score another shard for the rest of the day. Enl won Manila by 247 points.

03-Aegis Nova Day 1 - Manila

The primary city of Rotterdam saw Res take the lead from the get go creating a margin of 584 after the first cluster measurement and almost tripling it by the final measurement where they won by 1,671 points.

04-Aegis Nova Day 1 - Rotterdam

Enl’s early start in Padova with the shards didn’t last for long once the first cluster came around where they went from leading by 25 points to trailing by 20. Res held that margin steady through M2 shards and increased it to 154 points in the following cluster. Enl tried to fight back in M3 holding 6 shards to Res’ 3 and by the end of the measurement, they had more than halved the margin to 60 points. With Enl only a few shards worth of points behind, Res didn’t give them any chances to catch up by collecting 5 of the 12 shards in the first jump and 3 more on the 4th jump. Res won Padova by 275 points.

05-Aegis Nova Day 1 - Padova

Cape Town was a small, low scoring city with only 4 shards and less than a dozen cluster portals per measurement. Enl opened the scoring with 2 shards followed by both teams scoring 5 portals each in the first cluster. In M2, Res evened the score back out scoring 3 shards to Enl’s 1, however their efforts fell short on the cluster battle, losing that 5 to 45. This started Enl’s point climb where they scored 2 shards in M3’s first jump, another 45 to 5 point cluster and 3 shards in M4’s first jump. Enl won by 134 points.

06-Aegis Nova Day 1 - Cape Town

Brooklyn was a fun battle to watch with the lead changing hands 6 times across the day. M1 shards were neck and neck each jump and when it was time for the cluster, Res shot into the lead by 200 points. Enl clawed back throughout M2 to end the cluster 4 points in the lead before Res fought back through M3 shards to lead by 47 points. That was very short lived, as Enl won the M3 cluster battle by a massive 345 points. The Res made a valiant effort in M4, continuing their shard lead by 6, but despite making a comeback in the cluster battle, they still lost there by 232 points. The Enl walked away victorious, having won by 428 points.

07-Aegis Nova Day 1 - Brooklyn

Enl never gave Res a chance in Savannah, locking them out in every measurement. With more than 80% of scored shards and more than 90% of scored portals, Enl won Savannah by 950 points

08-Aegis Nova Day 1 - Savannah

And for the final city for the first day of Aegis Nova, Minneapolis / Saint Paul was polar opposite to Savannah with Res scoring every single one of the shards by the 3rd jump in M1-3 and the 4th jump in M4. Enl’s attempt at fighting back in the clusters was futile without any shards to back up their score and by the final cluster, Res landed the final punch scoring 25 portals to 8. Res won this city by 763 points.

09-Aegis Nova Day 1 - Minneapolis - Saint Paul

Day 2

Day 2 of Aegis Nova began in Sydney where Enl got off to a very strong start scoring 10 shards to 1 and 31 portals to 11 in M1. Res fought back in M2 scoring the first few shards but that was short lived when Enl took over the measurement and continued to increase the margin until the end, winning the primary city by 660 points.

10-Aegis Nova Day 2 - Sydney

Hyderabad was a very close battle from start to finish. Both teams scored 2 shards each in M1 and 2 but Res’ lead in the clusters gave them a 30 point lead at half time. Enl retaliated in M3 to take back the lead by 6 points and it was point for point all the way to the end except for Res landing the winning shard on the second last jump.

11-Aegis Nova Day 2 - Hyderabad

In Kuala Lumpur, Res started off strong with the shards while Enl dominated with the cluster portals creating a fierce back and forth battle for the first 3 measurements. But by the fourth measurement, Enl adapted their shard strategy on the home stretch to win the city by 106 points.

12-Aegis Nova Day 2 - Kuala Lumpur

In Moscow, Enl swept up an impressive 91 shards without letting Res score any shards after the first jump in each measurement. The cluster battles were much tougher with a very narrow margin of 15 points for cluster portals. Enl went on to win Moscow by 1,658 points.

13-Aegis Nova Day 2 - Moscow

Once again, another polar opposite city. This time, Dublin Res scored an amazing 34 shards and restricted Enl from scoring after the second jump in M1 and first jump in M3 and completely blocking them out in M2 and 4. Enl appear to have gone on the defensive in the final measurement, with Res unable to capture any shards until the fourth and fifth jumps but it was too little too late. Res won Dublin by 444 points.

14-Aegis Nova Day 2 - Dublin

Res took the lead from the start in Nice, keeping the margin at least 30+ points in their favour during M1 and increasing it to 260 points by halftime. Enl fought back really hard with M3 shards but it wasn’t enough to against the hard work Res put in from the start and continued to put in to maintain the lead for the rest of the day.

15-Aegis Nova Day 2 - Nice

Enl strongly dominated San Diego from start to finish, in every scoring category, in every measurement. Enl were only 2 points shy of being 5 times the Res score for the city.

16-Aegis Nova Day 2 - San Diego

In Calgary, Enl scored big points in the first measurement cluster, 90 to 15 which set them up and carried them through the day there. Res tried to fight back in M2 shards before Enl caught up there, and again in M4 shards but the final cluster cemented the win for Enl.

17-Aegis Nova Day 2 - Calgary

In Salt Lake City, the shards were neck and neck for most of the time with Res coming out on top with each round of shards 3 out of 4 times but Enl’s strength in the clusters was enough to bring them back each measurement to take home the win by 96 points.

18-Aegis Nova Day 2 - Salt Lake City

If you’ve stuck around and read all of that, thank you! I hope you enjoyed this new format of reporting. Don’t forget, we’ll be back with the Live Blog for the Tokyo Grand Finale, see you all then!