Aegis Nova Introduction

Agents around the world are preparing for the first day of the Aegis Nova anomaly series which begins this weekend. Our Live Blog will be back again covering every moment of the day to keep you up to date.

This series, all cities will be hybrid cluster-flash shard events. As announced in the rules released over the weekend, there are some variations in the way the clusters and shards will function compared to past anomalies. Volatile portals and Strategic Fields have been removed from the scoreboard and connected links and fields are now worth a percentage of the cluster portal points.


All cluster portals are worth 5 points each in every city while the value of each shard varies by city, ranging from 14 to 25 points each. This series will also see the return of the ‘Series Points’ where the winning faction will be awarded 2 points per primary city, 1 point per satellite city and 5 points for the Mega-Anomaly finale in Tokyo.

Measurement Points


The first day of the series will be split into three groups of anomalies with each region’s anomalies happening at the same time with a couple of hours in between the regions.

Good luck to all the agents on the field and helping from abroad. I’ll see you all this weekend with the Live Blog!