Alliance of the Vanguards Round 2

Niantic made a wonderful announcement that their Vanguard program is open once more for applications!

What is the Vanguard program?

Vanguards are Ingress player advocates. Vanguards collaborate with Niantic, Inc. and the Ingress Global Community Manager and provide direct feedback on a variety of initiatives and topics ranging from but not limited to Anomaly rules, NIA OPS policy, game features, beta software, etc. They are a sounding board for new ideas and a way to get the player perspectives on issues. -NianticOfficial

This would be the second wave of Vanguards since the programs start in October 2017.

While we already have Vanguards, Niantic is looking at expanding the program from 24 agents to 36, while replacing some of the current Vanguards that are retiring. A full (older) list of the Vanguards chosen before can be seen here. Along with adding to the program there seems to be a few new things in place.

Every year, 12 Vanguards will now be rotated out and replaced, starting with the longest serving Vanguards first. This rotation will start in January 2020 and as always Niantic has the right to remove and replace any Vanguard for any reason during and outside of that time frame. Previous Vanguards will be allowed to reapply after waiting two years after their exit date. This will allow many agents to have an opportunity to be a difference in our communities!

Chosen Agents will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, like before, but violating that agreement can now lead to more severe consequences past just being removed from the program.  Legal action against the person and the termination of the person’s Ingress account is also a possibility.

Vanguards are being selected primarily based on the geographic location, knowledge of ingress, and explanation as to why they would be a good advocate.


What are the requirements to becoming a Vanguard? 

  • Being a player whose account is in good standing
  • Having the ability to read, write, and communicate verbally in English

It would also help you greatly to give a detailed description on why you feel you would be a great candidate for the program.

More details on the Vanguard program can be found here.

All agents must turn in or edit their applications by August 13th 2019. If you have filled out an application before, you may have been able to edit your previous response which according to Andrew Krug is fine, but you should also be able to fill out a new form if you choose. Because they are looking at all of the forms that have and will be submitted, please also keep in mind they have a large pool of agents to choose from and just a small amount they can take on. If you do not get chosen this time, do not get discouraged! You will have another chance in 2020.

Applications for the Vanguard program can be found here.


Thank you Niantic for opening up this program again! All the details on this program, including the featured image we used, are property of Niantics.