Ingress Prime APK Teardown [2.43.4]

April 2, 2020 by Fevenis

Hi everyone and welcome back to another Ingress Prime teardown. We’ve been quiet for the past few months, because Niantic has been dropping very detailed release notes prior to every version release. This means with…

Ingress: 3 Strikes and Bye-Bye

July 24, 2019 by Fevenis

On July 22, 2019 Ingress adopted a three strike policy for policy enforcement. The announcement started with: As part of our commitment to fair play, we will soon be adapting our Ingress discipline policy and…

The Rise and Fall of the AXA Shield & MUFG Capsule

February 16, 2019 by Fevenis

On a cold day in December 2014, the AXA shield entered the Ingress game world. It held (on release) a shielding of +70 and a stickiness of +70.   This would stay until February of…

Ingress Prime APK Teardown [2.12.0]

November 14, 2018 by Fevenis

Hello everyone, welcome back to our first of many Ingress Prime teardowns. This process around the web is more commonly known as “data mining”, but we are going to keep calling it “APK teardowns.” With…

Ingress Prime Released

November 6, 2018 by Fevenis

Out of the blue Ingress Prime has gone from closed beta to released (open beta). Agents with the Classic scanner were upgraded to Ingress Prime rather than having to download the Prime beta separately from…

Discontinuation of the AXA Shield & MUFG Capsule

December 11, 2017 by Fevenis

It looks like AXA Insurance and MUFG Banking have stopped paying their bills to Niantic and their contracts are being cut off. Since there was more than just portals dedicated to these partnerships, it looks…

New Weather System & More Gen III Pokémon!

December 6, 2017 by Fevenis

Today is an exciting day, Trainers! Along with more Generation III Pokémon being introduced to the wild, a brand new Weather System is also being introduced.

Ingress (2.0) Prime: Global Game Board Reset

December 6, 2017 by Fevenis

Niantic has issued a press release for the upcoming upgrade to Ingress, known as Ingress Prime. Among this press release was a huge announcement that the game board (portals) would be reset as part of…

The Beginning: Ingress 2.0 (Prime) Announced

December 3, 2017 by Fevenis

At the conclusion of the EXO5 anomaly series in San Francisco (Detailed anomaly scoring review to come), we saw the announcement of “Ingress 2.0”, now referred to as Ingress Prime.

Ho-Oh Available in Raids For a Short While!

November 27, 2017 by Fevenis

As a result of meeting the Global Catch Challenge, Niantic is releasing the Legendary bird Ho-Oh for a limited time! This should be going live any moment and you will be seeing Ho-Oh in Legendary…