BREAKING NEWS – New Glyph Control Center commands available!

Previously we did an article when the Glyph Control Center launched. For those unaware you could draw a glyph in the moments before a glyph hack started. Drawing a certain glyph would change the expected hack output in terms of keys.


The two options back then were

  • LESS Glyph – Significantly less likelihood of obtaining a key
  • MORE Glyph – Significantly more likelihood of obtaining a key, even if you already had one


As of now we have noticed two additional glyphs being detected during the Glyph Control Command time – COMPLEX and SIMPLE.


Complex Glyph – Effects Unknown
Simple Glyph - Effects Unknown
Simple Glyph – Effects Unknown


Both of these return “COMMAND ACCEPTED” when used.


Showing the scanner results when entering COMPLEX during the command control sequence


Note that (as previously discovered) control glyphs cannot be stacked. That is to say, for example, that if you glyph MORE then COMPLEX you will not get another key if you already have one.


In terms of technical information. Hints (messages displayed at the top of the screen prior to hacking) exist for these Glyphs, except for the new Complex one.

"hints": [

The commands, however, include all four:

"commands": {


The current effects of using Simple/Complex is currently unknown. Try these Glyphs out before a Glyph hack and let us know what you discover!

Editorial guess: this either affects which glyph sequences you receive (i.e. get simpler or more complex sequences) which would then affect the output (simpler sequences give less output), or perhaps complex sequences will be required to hack “sponsored” items (like the Lawson power cube, for example!)