Cassandra Prime Anomaly Results

The Cassandra Prime anomaly series has come to an end, with the Enlightened winning with 11 series points to the Resistance’s 7 points.

The Resistance were able to win the primary cities of Warsaw, Singapore and Linz and the secondary city of Marseille.

The Enlightened won the primary cities of Sapporo, San Diego and Philadelphia and the secondary cities of Malé, Boston, Incheon, Riga and Vancouver.


The Enlightened took a strong lead in Sapporo from the start and won the three phases by over 50 points each. The Resistance never gave up but weren’t able to get ahead at any stage. The Enlightened won Sapporo by 152 points.


The Enlightened overpowered the Resistance in Malé in all three phases, especially during the Phase 2 shards where the Resistance were only able to score a single shard. The Enlightened won the city by 183 points.


Warsaw was the toughest battle in the entire series with the lead changing hands five times throughout the day! After the first Phase 3 starburst measurement – which is the last publicly published score before the final announcement – the Enlightened were leading by 30 points. With the average hacks and Prime Ops scores almost even, the Resistance’s push in the final starburst measurement help them win the city by 34 points.


The Enlightened had a rough struggle in Marseille against the stronger Resistance, but by the third Phase, the Enlightened had run out of steam and the Resistance went on to win the city by 120 points.

San Diego

In San Diego, the Enlightened faced minimal resistance and managed to score an impressive 680 starburst links, winning the city by 235 points.


The Enlightened were also able to dominate in Boston, with their lead peaking at 209 points at the first starburst. However, the final margin was 185 points after the Resistance were able to score some links in the second starburst measurement and also earn a high average hack count.


The Resistance in Singapore were able to hold the Enlightened down for most of the first of the event, keeping their shard score down at 1 until the ninth jump window. Interestingly, neither side was able to score any links in the first starburst window, but the Resistance were able to establish more in the second window and ended up winning the city by 97 points.


The battle in Incheon started off relatively evenly, with only 28 points between the teams at the end of the first phase. But after the Resistance scored their only shard in the fourth jump, they seem to have disappeared, leaving the Enlightened to win the city by 220 points.


The battle in Linz also started off strong in the first phase, but by the third phase, Resistance pushed their lead to 210 points. The Enlightened pushed back in the final measurement, but it was too little too late and the Resistance won by 133 points.


Riga was the tightest battle of the series. The Resistance started the day with a five-point lead on the first measurement, but the Enlightened took the lead from there for the rest of the day. The Resistance weren’t going to let them take it easily – with the margin not going over 53 points – and ultimately the Enlightened won by only 20 points.


Philadelphia was another close battle around the start, and the Resistance didn’t let the Enlightened get more than 50 points ahead until the final phase. The Enlightened won the day by 129 points.


In Vancouver, the Enlightened steamrolled the Resistance, who were nowhere to be seen after the first phase. The Enlightened were able to get all 100 points in phase 2 and 3 to win the city by 248 points.

We hope you enjoyed our coverage of the Cassandra Prime Anomaly series! You can check out our live coverage of the events of Day 1 on the Live Blog page.

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