Celebrate Ingress Year 10

Ingress has hit its 10 year! For Agents old and new Happy Birthday! We have seen so many things in the 10 years we have been here. Countless events and adventures, between multiple scanners and universes. As everyone says, this has been more than a game for many. We look forward to the future and what it will bring.


10 Year Celebrations


Today marks Ingress’ 10th anniversary and like every year we are in the mist of double AP until the 21st! Below are the list of changes that are taking place now, so take advantage of this agents!

  • 2X AP for all actions
  •  2X deploy L8 Resonators
  • Drone cooldown reduced to 10 mins
  • Kinetic energy distance reduced from 8km to 1.0km
  • 2X hack output of building gear (Resonators, Power Cubes) from friendly Portals
  • 2X hack output of attack gear (XMP, Ultra Strike) from enemy Portals


10 Year Medal

The Pathfinder Year 10 medal will be awarded to all Agents who’ve earned more than 0 AP from the Year 9 Anniversary (15 November 2021) through the end of Year 10 Anniversary celebrations (21 November 2022).

Medal distribution will take place some time after the Bonus period ends on Monday, 21 November (PT) and follows the same Medal tiers as Year 9:

Bronze: Level 3

Silver: Level 9

Gold: Level 13

Platinum: Level 15

Onyx: Level16

Recursed Agents will receive Onyx Medals.


Red / Machina Portals

To celebrate the 10 year, a year long event was leaked by GameSpot in an interview with Brian Rose. This interview highlights some of the great accomplishments of Ingress and the difficulties faced in making this game we all love. It celebrates our milestones and the community that we’ve built and in honor of our 10 year, we finally get to have a little fun with a new faction.

Photo shared in Operation Essex by @flytcher

Shortly after the LA anomaly concluded, red portals started popping up all over the place. There isn’t a lot known about these portals yet, other than they spread across the board, linking up neutral portals to level. It’s in GameSpots interview that we learn these portals are to be fought over all year by the Res and Enl to see what secrets lie with them. Scoring at this time is unknown, but we are sure to see updates in the future.

A few more details in the interview have us looking forward to what will come this year. Agents I hope to see your amazing stories and appreciation of this game, we all share in common, on social media! Please share your stories with the hashtag #IngressYear10 and join the forums posts that celebrate the wonderful experiences we’ve had. You can also find this appreciation post on Twitter! It is time to move Agents! Let’s have a wonderful 10 year celebration!