Comic Sans Link Challenge

C. Sans is attacking! This little menance has messed with our glyphs and we should not stand for it! Really though, if you are seeing some sequences looking a bit weird, it is because this self proclaimed Nemesis member has made a mess of things! It seems like Researchers are not sure what to think of this character, but have noted he has made some impact on our scanners. They need some help trying to figure out how to control this ball of chaos, so they are asking for our help in investigating!


Event Details

It is predicted that C. Sans will continue to alter our scanners from  Thursday, 31 March 1600 UTC to Thursday, 7 April 1600 UTC. He’s seems like a bit of a joker picking this weekend. The following will be in effect for the duration of the event;

  • Links shorter than 500m in length can be created under Fields (all other preconditions still apply)
  • 41-minute Drone cooldown
  • Glyphs being backwards!


Comic Sans Challenge Medal


In order to figure out more about this mysterious chaos bringer, we need to link! In order to encourage Agents to link, a new tiered medal has been added to our scanners.

  • Bronze Tier: Create 4 Links
  • Silver Tier: Create 41 Links
  • Gold Tier: Create 401 Links

It’s a bit ominous that the last tier seems to be red in our scanners….


Mysterious and Seasonal Medals

 Comic Sans Medal (2,500CMU)

It seems like Comic Sans wants his own sort of support with his own Medal that he managed to sneak into the App Store. He doesn’t seem to like the Mask that the Nia Researchers put on him, so he has put on a paper bag with our loving Toasts memorable face on…. I wonder if maybe Toast has something to do with this?

The Sakura Collection medals (2,500 CMU per medal)

The Sakura Collection Medals are back for anyone who missed them last year! These will be available once again from Monday, 21 March 0000 UTC to Monday, 2 May 0000 UTC.


So, let’s get out there and link Agents! We need to fix our glyphs! If you plan on participating in this event, please follow your areas local health and safety guidelines and share your experiences this weekend with the hashtag #Ingresscomicsans!