If you want to come and interact with other community members, come and join our Discord!

[Join link]

The One Rule: Don’t be disrespectful to others. The ban hammer comes heavy and fast.

Pro Tip: After joining, go through the chats and mute the ones you are not interested in. This will save you from a wave of unwanted notifications.

Community Gaming

Clash of Clans

Clan name: Fev Games


Clan level: 7

We are a casual clan that also casually wars. If that’s your style, we have some open member slots. There is a Clash of Clans chat on the Discord.

Clash Royale

Clan name: Skullzfyre


We have a very active Clash Royale clan and member slots are very limited. There is a Clash Royale chat on the Discord. Come hang out especially if you are wanting to join!