Courier Meet You Out There Challenge

Hello Agents! Today starts a new event with the potential to gain the Courier Medal if you participate!

Event Details

This event will be running from Friday, 20 August at 1600 UTC to Monday, 30 August 1600 UTC. The following changes will be implement for the duration of the event.

  • +888AP for each new All-Time Unique Portal Visit as indicated by the Visited layer on the Layers button
  • New: Drone cooldown reduced to 15 mins


Courier Medal

It seems that Courier or the NIA is very interested in seeing Agents gain AP in this time. In order to encourage Agents to participate, a Courier Medal is being offered in multiple tiers. A new metric has also been added to the scanners so Agents can track their progress.

Bronze: 88,888 AP Earned

Silver: 888,888 AP Earned

Gold: 2,888,888 AP Earned

Something to note on the picture of this Medal is that Courier is wearing a Medal on his shirt…. If anyone could get a clear image of the medal, feel free to message Ishira on social media or Telegram as she is investigating it!



To help with Agents with gaining more AP for the Medal, two Bundles have been released in the in App store for Agents to obtain for the duration of the event.

8 Apex Event Bundle (8,000 CMU, limit 1 per Agent)

1 Apex (0 CMU, limit 1 per Agent)


Media Drop

There will be media drops during this event as well! Finally, a little bit more interest in MANIA!  In order to make it easier for people to find, we will be adding the links and images to each media drop here.





As always Agents, if you plan to participate in this event, please follow your areas health and safety guidelines! Wishing everyone good health and have a wonderful event!


Featured image was posted by Niantic on public social medias.