Custom Ingress Medal Earned (just for fun)

UPDATE: No longer works after Ingress version 1.69.0.

DISCLAIMER: We all know there will be that one guy who complains and blames us for getting them banned. Anything you click on or follow in this post is at your own risk and we take zero liability for your actions.


Make it past the disclaimer? Good. Now for the fun part!

NOTE: These tests were done using an Android device. This may not work on iOS.


1) With your phone, open the the following link or scan the QR code.



2) When asking what to open the link with, select Ingress and tap “Just once“.



If all went correctly, you should have a Medal Earned pop up when your scanner loads. Like the title suggests, this is just for fun. It isn’t permanent, you don’t get to keep it.


How do I make my own?

Glad you asked! Follow these steps and try making your own.


1) Find or make a custom image, and make sure it is in png format (for transparency). For best results, make a Hexagon or circle, leaving the outer edges transparent.

For this example, I’ll be using a Boba Fett helmet.



2) Upload your prepared png image to a website like imgur. Save the direct link URL.



3) Think of a title for your custom medal. For this example, we’ll be using the title Bounty Hunter.


4) Insert your Title and image link into the following URL leaving the quotation marks:{"achievement":{"tiers":[{"badgeImageUrl":""}],"title":"Your title here"},"source":"SHOULD_NOT_APPEAR_IN_ANALYTICS"}

Example:{"achievement":{"tiers":[{"badgeImageUrl":""}],"title":"Bounty Hunter"},"source":"SHOULD_NOT_APPEAR_IN_ANALYTICS"}


5) Paste your customized link into a URL shortner or a QR generator. Open the short link or QR on your phone, and open with Ingress when prompt. If all went well, you will see a pop up in-game of your custom medal. Reminder, this is not permanent, just a for fun pop up.