Darsana Prime Day 1 Anomaly Results

Auckland New Zealand 

The Resistance won Auckland by 26.1 points but the Enlightenment put up a good fight. The Enlightenment scored the highest raw points in the Capture Battle during M1 and dominated the Unique Portal hacks. The Resistance scored their highest in M9 for the Capture Battle and held steady in Longest Link, being sure to score in each measurement with their highest score of 14.9 in M3.

Quezon City, Philippines

The Enlightenment won Quezon by 164.7 points. The Resistance scored their highest in M1 in both the Capture battle and Longest link. They also took over Unique Portal Hacks but this was not enough to beat the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment scored their highest in M3 for both Capture battle and Longest Link, but they dominated each measure for both of these challenges and took the win.

Pune, India

The Resistance won Pune by a landslide of 371.9 points. The Enlightenment was only able to score in one category, gaining 2 points during M7 for the Capture Battle. The Resistance held their score in Capture battle for all but two measures and scored their Longest link of 26.8 in M3, winning Pune.

Lisbon, Portugal

The Resistance won Lisbon by 30.6 points. The Enlightenment scored highest in Unique Portal Hacks and was able to score their highest in the Capture Battle during M1. Their Longest link was in M4 at 20.7 but it could not beat the Resistance Longest link of 32.7 in M2. The Resistance was on top of their game in Capture Battle, being sure to win every measure and scoring their highest in M5.

Athens, Greece

The Enlightenment won Athens by 105.6 points. The Resistance and Enlightenment were neck in neck in the Capture Battle with the Resistance scoring their highest of 191 in M4 and the Enlightenments highest was 179 in M6. While the Resistance scored their Longest Link of 18.8 in M3, the Enlightened scored their Longest of 21.7 in the same measure and won the majority of the measures for this category.  The Enlightenment also scored the most in Unique Portal Hacks and took the win.

Genoa, Italy

The Enlightenment won Genoa by 32.2 points. The Resistance score their highest in Capture battle with 176 in M9 and their Longest Link of 9.1 in M4. While the Resistance still won every measure of those categories the Enlightenment scored both of their highest scores in Longest Link and Capture Battle in M1. The Enlightens win of the site came from their determination with Unique Portal Hacks, allowing them to pull ahead of the Resistance.  

Asuncion, Paraguay

The Enlightenment won Asuncion by 127.6 points. The Resistance scored their highest in M1 for both the Capture battle, with 72, and Longest link with 3.1 but they could not get ahead of the Enlightened. The Enlightenment won in every measurement for both categories, scoring their highest in M5 for Longest link and M7 for Capture battle. With the win of Unique Portal Hacks, the Enlightenment took the win.  

New Orleans, LA

The Enlightenment won New Orleans by 86.6 points. The Resistance scored their Longest Link at 0.5 during M3 and in M6 scored 107 for their highest score in the Capture battle. While the Resistance scored the most Unique Portal Hacks it was not enough to beat the Enlightenment who won each Measurement for both of the previous categories. The Enlightenment scored their Longest Link of 22.1 in M5 and in M9 scored 265 for their highest score in Capture Battle.

Albuquerque, NM

The Resistance won Albuquerque by 141.5 points. The Enlightenment put up a fight in the Capture battle, winning over half of the measures and scoring their highest in M9 while the Resistance scored their highest in M6 with the same score of 110. The Resistance fought just as hard scoring their longest link of 16.8 in M5 alongside the Enlightenments longest link of 19.6. It was in Unique Portal Hacks where the Resistance took the win.