Darsana Prime Day 2


Enlightened dominated Tokyo from the start with their best link chain in M1 and consistently held the most portals across all measurements to win by a margin of 227.2 points.

Resistance held a strong control of Ho Chi Minh City in the first hour and were able to maintain their lead despite the Enlightened push in the later half and their control of the Artifacts. Resistance won by 24.5 points.

The battle in Nuremberg was rough from start to finish. Enlightened scored their best portal capture score in M1 at the same time Resistance scored their longest link score. Then it was reversed at the end with Resistance scoring their best portal capture in M8 while Enlightened scored their longest link in the final measurement to bring the score difference to a tiny 0.6 points!  In the end, the Enlightened’s ability to hack an average of 27 more unique portals is what have them a 17 point win over the Resistance.

In Bristol, Resistance controlled the longest link challenge while Enlightened controlled the portal challenge by a slightly higher margin. Both teams very nearly tied the score for the Artifacts but it was the unique portal hacks that sealed it for the Enlightened again.

Enlightened steamrolled the Resistance in Atlanta in every challenge to win by a massive 327.2 points.

Enlightened won most of the battles in Las Vegas except the Unique portal hacks and won the city by almost 60 points.