Delta-T – Introduction

A new war is being waged around us, not for resources, land or influence; but for our future. This is a war over time.  I’d like to welcome you to the world of Delta-T the newest ARG / Geo-location game to enter the scene, it’s being developed by Empower Labs.

As a “Time Keeper” you’ve been tasked with growing the wealth and strength of one of 4 Mega Corporations, each with its own idea of how to save humanity from a future apocalypse.  To achieve their goals they have chosen to battle over the past in an attempt to reshape the future in which they exist.

With the back story briefing out of the way, let’s get down to gameplay!

In your role as a Time Keeper it’s your job to work with a clan of fellow players to develop a network of Bases to attack opponent networks, earning your mega corporation dominance points.   

Both these main world structures can be placed anywhere by player for a cost of Energy, Time Credits, and a Seed Item adding a dynamic we haven’t seen in Pokemon Go or Ingress.

Players can directly assault opponent’s structures with a variety of weapons.  Depending on the structure this can result in its removal from the play field, or an opportunity for you to capture it for your faction.  To assist in defending the structures you have a number of mod slots you may assign items to, such as shields or damage mirrors.  Using these tools together, a dense cluster of cores can mean an extended time-out for an unaware opponent.

To gain resources and items in the game you have a few options.  The primary method is via a unique mining system that is currently under heavy re-development with input from the current beta testers  You may also use your stored energy to generate select items, or you can trade directly with other players.

Overall the game has a focus on teamwork and collaboration, both important elements of a strong ARG.  Playing outside of the clan system limits your ability to participate in the primary combat system, as bases belong to the clan that places them.  These same elements are also reflected in Empower Labs.  Since the start of the closed beta they have been constantly involved with the player community, providing active feedback, and frequent updates on their progress.

Delta-T is still lacking something before it’ll be a real contender in a market dominated by one company; Players. If you have the tenacity and desire to be a part of the development process I encourage you to signup

Currently the process to join the closed beta is fairly easy , if not a tad cumbersome.  If you are an android user sign up for the beta @   

You should receive a confirmation e-mail soon afterwards inviting you to the beta program thru the playstore.  Once you’ve requested access it can take up to 24hrs for Empower Labs to activate your profile, and make the app available to you.

Keep an eye out for our next article on Delta-T as we dig into the first few levels of the game.