Didact Field Challenge

Niantic has announced on their community forums that a new challenge event! This event will be starting on Valentine’s day, February 14th at 19:00 UTC, and ending February 24th at 19:00 UTC. The goal is to defeat a Nemesis agent known at Didact by making as many fields as possible everywhere agents! Like with most of these challenges, this event has person and global challenges.

Didact Medal/Agent Personal Challenge

Agents that participate will be awarded a challenge medal if they hit one of these three tiers.

Bronze -100 fields created

Silver -300 fields created

Gold -800 fields created

Agents will be able to track their progress via the scanner on their agent profiles by looking for Didact: Control Fields Created. 

Drop Rate and Double AP

It seems that the researchers have also picked a perfect time to do this event as there is something they are calling an access point exploit that is predicted to increase the AP for certain actions and increase the drop rate of flip cards.

  • 2x drop rate of ADA Refactor
  • 2x drop rate of JARVIS Virus
  • 2x AP for Resonator destroyed
  • 2x AP for Link destroyed
  • 2x AP for Field destroyed

At the same time a temporary Didact Loadout kit (8,000 CMU) will also be added to the in-app Store to aid agents in this event and microfielding if they choose to do so. The pack should have the following items

  • L1 Resonators x200
  • Common Heat Sinks x8
  • SoftBank Ultra Link x3

Global Challenge

There seems to be two goal tiers for the global challenge. In order to defeat Didact, we have to meet one of these goals.

BASE– 5.500.000 control fields established globally

STRETCH– 8,000,000 control fields established globally

We have to meet one of these two goals but February 24th at 19:00 UTC in order to defeat Didact. If we defeat them, it seems like the drop rate and access point exploit will extend depending on which goal we meet.

  • BASE: If this goal is met, 2x Drop rate of ADA Refactor and 2x drop rate of JARVIS Virus will continue continue to March 2nd 19:00 UTC
  • STRETCH: If this goal is met, 2x Drop rate of ADA Refactor, 2x drop rate of JARVIS Virus. 2x AP for Resonator destroyed, 2x AP for Link destroyed, 2x AP for Field destroyed will continue to March 2nd 19:00 UTC.

Failure to defeat Didact though will result in the drop rate and AP exploit to end on February 24th at 19:00 UTC. An important note is that even if the global challenge is not accomplished, the Didact medal achievements already awarded to agents during the challenge window will not be affected. AKA you will keep the badge you’ve earned!

Agents will be able to track the global challenge status as updates of the progress towards the global challenge BASE and STRETCH goals will be posted daily in the community forum starting Mon, Feb 17.

Niantic is also asking agents to share their situation reports during the global challenge window with the hashtag #Didact so that they can share your experience on their @Ingress social channels.

Thank you to Niantic for providing the images we used in this post and to MrChics for letting us use their diagram! These images do not belong to us so please do not use them without permission.