Discontinuation of the AXA Shield & MUFG Capsule

It looks like AXA Insurance and MUFG Banking have stopped paying their bills to Niantic and their contracts are being cut off. Since there was more than just portals dedicated to these partnerships, it looks like we are seeing a rename of the related items instead of removing them from the game.

Aegis Shield

Along with cutting paying to Niantic, it also appears that AXA stopped paying Visur Technology too. They have changed their factories to stamp ‘Ageis Shield’ on these Portal Shields now instead of AXA. Pretty glowing effect modules are also being added to these re-branded shields. It’s left open ended if we’ll see any other changes made to the AXA Shield replacement. It’s also mentioned that ‘AXA Portals will likely disconnect from the global Portal Network at some point in the near future.” Does this mean we’ll see a mass removal of AXA Shields in deployment? Would that also include AXA Shields in our inventory?

Update below. We’re hoping Niantic will specify the details of this soon.


Quantum Capsule

Looks like Akira and her folks at IQTech-East have ‘acquired’ the tech used for making the game breaking MUFG Capsule. IQTech-East will be releasing their version of the MUFG as the ‘Quantum Capsule’. Another open ended comment left by Niantic “The MUFG Portal Subnetwork is expected to go offline within the coming days.” Does this mean MUFG portals will be removed from in-game? Does it also mean MUFG Capsules will be disabled / removed from our inventories?

Update below. Again, we’re hoping Niantic will be releasing more details on this soon.



These vague posts from Niantic with half answers that stir the community are really starting to tire everyone out. If we’re lucky, maybe we’ll get a follow up post with nothing answered. Keep your eye out for the comment section, where the real answers are hidden. At the end of the day, we’re hoping this just means that these items are being renamed in Ingress Prime and that Niantic will work on being more clear with us on future changes.

Update 1 (12/11/17)

Looks like items in our inventories will be updated to the new types instead of being removed.