Ditto is live in Pokémon GO!

At last, Ditto is finally being released into the wild! John Hanke has teased us a few times saying there are still undiscovered easter eggs in the game. There has been many wild theories and speculations on methods to catch this elusive Pokémon, though instead of Ditto being an easter egg waiting to be found, it simply started “spawning” at the start of the Thanksgiving event.


How to Catch Ditto

It’s actually not all that hard at all! Know all those Pidgey and Ratta you neglect catching now? It turns out that Ditto has transformed into these two Pokémon out in the wild! You only discover that it is a Ditto after catching the Pidgey or Ratta that it has disguised itself as. UPDATE:  Even those Ditto have mostly been discovered catching Pidgey and Ratta, reports are coming in of it hiding as other Pokémon as well! Catch all the things!

In this video, we catch a Ratta which turns out to be a Ditto:



Ditto’s fast move is Transform, which transforms Ditto into the Pokémon it is facing. This is the case when using Ditto to battle a gym, and when defending as well. The Ditto will copy the look, moves, type(s), and CP* of the opponent Pokémon. The CP of the Ditto will be adjusted to the level of the Ditto, using it’s IV’s vs the IV’s of the Pokémon it copied. Transform does not work when facing another Ditto.