Earth Day Event and Community Day Ingress

Hello Agents! Are you ready for this weekend? Niantic announced a couple things going on so let us get right into it!

Ingress Earth Day

The Earth Day 2022 theme is “Invest In Our Planet.” This Planet in this Universe is ours, and together we should do our best to care for it. On this Niantic Community Day, move 5 KM with any Niantic game, and Niantic will plant a tree in your honor.


Event Details

Starting today and going on through Monday, April 25th 1600 UTC, Nia researchers will be enabling new XM-Degradable Kinetic Capsule Programs in support for Earth Day. These programs will be available for the duration of the event.

  • 5x L8 Resonators to 40x L1 Resonators
  • 5x L8 XMP Bursters to 40x L6 Ultra Strikes
  • 5x L8 Ultra Strikes to 5x L6 XMP Bursters
  • 1x Aegis Shield to 8x Common Portal Shields
  • 1x Very Rare Multi-Hack to 8x Common Multi-Hack
  • 1x Very Rare Heat Sink to 8x Common Heat Sink

Along with these new programs, reduced km will be available and the Optima Kinetic metric will be returning too!

The reduced Kinetic Capsule distance only applies to newly run Programs, and does not apply to Programs already running prior to the start of this event. You must complete your existing Program, and only at running your next Program then the reduced distance will be used.

Even though Optima has been defeated and departed with the rest of Nemesis, the Optima Kinetic Capsule metric will return to your Scanner to track progress one last time. While the previous metric should go live at the beginning of the event, Agents must perform an in-game action such as a hack or recharge a Portal for their tiered medal to update should they have completed enough Programs during the initial challenge in 2021. Working on higher tiers of the Optima Kinetic Challenge medal is easier with Adventure Sync turned on.

Notes from Thia Regarding the Optima Kinetic Capsule metric

I want to be sure to re-iterate and clarify a couple of things with the Optima Kinetic Challenge being re-activated for this event.

1) If you are nervous about starting a Kinetic Capsule and it still being 8km instead of 4km (NOTE: 4KM NOT 2KM LIKE THE ORIGINAL CHALLENGES), you can verify before starting a Program by looking at the Kinetic Capsule before you go into MANAGE interface. 

2) Distance walked limit: The 40km limit is per-24 hour period and starts after you complete a Program, as a rolling 24 hour period.

If I redeem an 8km Program at 1100 (because I started it before the Challenge), I have 32km remaining. If I go out and finish a 4km Program at 1400 when the event is live, I will have 28km remaining. If I do no more walking, the next day at 1100 the 8km falls off and I have 36km remaining and at 1400, I am back to having the full 40km available. (I really hope that is not more confusing.)

You can do 40KM a day; FOR THIS EVENT it will take 4KM per Kinetic Capsule. During this event, you can complete 10 Kinetic Capsules MAXIMUM per 24 hour period if everything syncs like it should. The #IngressEarthDay event is 4 days long (if I used my fingers correctly.. Thurs-Mon). That means at 10 kcaps a day max and 4 days of event, at maximum perfection, you can complete 40 Kinetic Capsules in a perfect metaverse. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET THE GOLD OPTIMA MEDAL IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY MADE PROGRESS ON THIS MEDAL. See the original event and medal tier info here


Earth day 2022 Medal

  • limited-time “Earth Day 2022” Medal (2500 CMU)

This Earth Day 2022 Medal will be available for the duration of the event in the in app store.

Agents if you Participate in this event please share your Earth Day initiatives and experiences on the community forum or Twitter during the event with the hashtags #ingress #ingressEarthDay


Niantic Community Day Ingress

On Saturday, 23 April 2022, Niantic Community Day will take place around the world across all of our Niantic games, and Niantic is inviting you to attend in-person to meet fellow Agents and explore an event location near you. Don’t forget to visit unique, temporary Niantic Community Day Portals that will be activated for the event, take advantage of the events’ photo ops, and share your memories on social media using hashtags #IngressEarthDay and #MeetYouOutThere.

To find a list of in-person events, see the Niantic announcement.

Additionally, Jacksonville, FL USA will feature the following special activations:

  • On Saturday, 23 April, NL-1331X Meetup at The Landing Park (open to all Agents, no RSVP required). Separately, Niantic CEO John Hanke will also be speaking at Sandlot JAX (a paid, ticketed event hosted by GORUCK)
  • On Sunday, 24 April, Jacksonville Mission Day (open to all Agents, no RSVP required)


Agents, please follow your local health and safety guidelines while participating in these events. We hope to see many posts of this weekends fun!