Ingress Anomaly Results: Echo Phase 3

The third and final phase of the Echo Anomaly took place on June 17, 2023, in Athens, Ueda, and Winnipeg. Let’s delve into the results.

Primary Site: Athens, Greece

The primary site of Athens was the most contested and the most decisive in determining the overall winner of the phase. The Enlightened dominated the Beacon Battle, securing 165 points out of 300, while the Resistance managed to capture only 135. The Shard Battle was also in favor of the Enlightened, who captured 135 shard points, leaving the Resistance with only 80. The total score for Athens was 300 points for the Enlightened and 215 points for the Resistance, giving the Enlightened a clear advantage of 85 points.

Satellite Site: Winnipeg, Canada

The satellite site of Winnipeg, Canada, was the most one-sided battle of the phase. The Enlightened completely dominated the Shard Battle, capturing all 20 shards available, while the Resistance failed to capture any. The Beacon Battle was also a landslide victory for the Enlightened, who captured 70 points out of 100, leaving only 30 for the Resistance. The total score for Winnipeg was 165 points for the Enlightened and 30 points for the Resistance, creating a huge gap of 135 points.

Satellite Site: Ueda, Nagano, Japan

The satellite site of Ueda, Nagano, Japan, was also a stronghold for the Enlightened. They won both the Beacon Battle and the Shard Battle by a large margin, capturing 65 beacon points and 55 shard points, respectively. The Resistance struggled to gain any ground in Ueda, securing only 35 beacon points and 30 shard points. The total score for Ueda was 120 points for the Enlightened and 65 points for the Resistance, resulting in a difference of 55 points.

Overall Analysis

The grand total score for phase 3 of the Ingress Echo Anomaly was 585 points for the Enlightened faction and 310 points for the Resistance faction, giving the Enlightened a decisive victory of 275 points. Stay tuned for our series analysis and deeper dive into the results soon.