End of the XM Drought?

After the end of the #Obsidian anomaly series, the world of Ingress was faced with an XM Drought (good timing with those Lawson Power Cubes). Many Agents have been frustrated by the lack of wild XM, some even threatening to quit playing over it.


On April 16th, Oliver Lynton-Wolfe posted on Google+ calling all agents to particiate in the #IngressPortalSurvey. This involved agents taking pictures in front of portals holding pictures of glyphs so that OLW could “…attempt to re-inject some XM into the Portal Network.”



April 12th, OLW posted to Google+ stating a Glyph Sequence had led to stockpiles of Power Cubes from around the world to help us get through the drought. After this, an increase in Power Cubes & Lawson Power Cubes hacks was noticed. Certainly an interesting way to push an ad (Lawson) to the user base. I’ll take that over a pop-up any day!

lawson cube


April 21st, PAC posted to Investigate.Ingress letting us know that OLW’s #IngressPortalSurvey was a huge success and that “He predicts that they will be able to return some XM to the Portals in the very near future.”



Today, reports from Reddit, Operation Essex, and Google+ show a tiny bit of XM has starting trickling back into the portal network at an estimated 10%. While we are unsure what rate XM will be returning, or if it’ll ever be returning at 100% is unknown. We will report more as things develop.

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