Endgame Ancient Societies: Who’s Who and What Are They Up to – May 25, 2015




So, you have decided to try to get the beta invite for the Endgame: Proving Grounds mobile App.  As you start to work on challenges and find a way to get that golden ticket to play, you begin to encounter all these names and story pieces. How will you ever figure out who is whom and what is what?  Well, that’s where this quick sheet guide can be a help.  I’ve collected many of the names here and tried to provide a brief (very brief) update of where these characters are right now.  If you really are into the story, there are weekly recaps you can review, Stella’s My Story, which lists all of her blogs, and a few communities and hangouts that are devoted to discussing the story.  Feel free to jump into story and explore even further.


Overview:  Stella V is searching for something called The Truth (The Ancient Truth). She spent most of her life kept in seclusion by Wayland Vyctory. Recently she ran away from Wayland as she began to learn that Wayland had been hiding things from her. As she tries to find who she is, she is learning about something called Endgame.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW (as of May 25, 2015) 

stellaStella Vyctory – We are first introduced to Stella V. as a PhD candidate in Ancient Societies studying something called the Ancient Truth. She was kept in the penthouse at Wayland Casinos by Wayland Vyctory, whom she believed to be her father. She learned that Wayland may not be her father and that her name might be Sofia Denisov, not Stella Vyctory. She continues to search for the Ancient Truth, who she is and what Endgame is all about.

WHERE IS SHE NOW: She has her own house in Las Vegas and is always watching in case Wayland tries to take her back as well as trying to reconnect with Jake, connect with Robyn and train with Nori Ko.






waylandWayland Vyctory – Owns the Wayland Casino, among other things, and is a reclusive person. At first it is thought he is Stella’s father, but some documents have pointed that he may have been Edward Pramik in the past and came to Las Vegas. The reason for that is unknown.


WHERE IS HE NOW: Assumed to still be in Las Vegas, we last heard from him at the Las Vegas Endgame After Party Event.








pinstripePinstripe AKA John Threadgill – Introduced as the bodyguard for Stella growing up, we learn that John was once a police detective who did something illegal and was asked by Edward Pramik’s lawyer to help cover up a crime scene. Pinstripe then went to work for Wayland Vyctory as security. He was last seen being handcuffed at the Pasadena Ingress event and taken away by two unidentified men.

 WHERE IS HE NOW: Unknown, after being taken away, we have not heard directly about him. There have been two text messages sent, which MAY (or may not) be referring to him. They are associated with something called RIMA.




Angela Sanning – Introduced as a former student of Edward Pramik, she had an affair with Piotr Denisov, and Robyn Sanning is her and Piotr’s child.  She is currently living somewhere near Billings Montana and has agoraphobia. She has been using dolls to try and play out current events to help her work through her issues. She has been working to come and visit Stella.

Uncertain. Robyn has been trying to contact her for a few days now and has had no response. It was recently revealed that in 1989 she was apprehended for vandalizing the front door of the house where Piotr Denisov and Karren Maddox lived.






Robyn Sanning – Stella’s half sister (same father, Piotr Denisov, different mother, Angela Sanning). Is in her 20s and recently found Stella and came to visit her. Has a gift of persuasion.

WHERE IS SHE NOW: Last seen with Stella at the Pasadena event. She has also been writing a few posts for Stella’s site. She is worried about her mother.







Jake – Stella’s boyfriend, a musician. They met in college. He was presumed dead, however it was recently revealed that he is alive, Pinstripe having helped fake his death.  It was believed he was dead, but recently revealed he has been in hiding in Mexico. During his time in Mexico, he developed a drug addiction. He is working on reconnecting with Stella.


Uncertain, we last heard from him via a garbled text message that was very odd and referenced doing as a good boy should. He then replied to Stella’s email with an email that did not sound like him at all.









Greg Jordan – A government CIA agent who learned about Endgame and has been trying to find out more about it. He has followed and investigated Nori Ko many times, has been reprimanded for his obsession and began sending Stella odd documents and information. He has agreed to work with Stella to find out more about Endgame. He recently has been trying to find E.C.s,  which are Energy Concentrators.

WHERE IS HE NOW: Exact Location unknown, has been sending Stella information about confluences, pyramids and Endgame. He was last heard from via a meme that Nori Ko was not happy with him (Jordan) following her to somewhere in the Pacific Ocean looking for the Mu E.C.



Nori Ko – A for hire assassin/thief who knows about Endgame (linked to the Mu Line). She was to become an Endgame trainer, but instead began doing her own thing. Has offered, for money, to help Stella prepare for Endgame. Part of that training included showing Stella a stone that Stella caused to levitate. Something E. Pramik also was able to do.

WHERE IS SHE NOW: Exact Location unknown, she told Stella she was taking a break and from a credit card act





biz4fun601 – the username for someone with an Instagram account . We first encounter this account/user in the post Airport Blues  . The next instance was in the Baghdad post where there are strange things going on.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Last instagram indicated Baghdad







leoLeo – a magician who worked at Wayland Casino, he was a friend of Stella. When Stella escaped from Wayland, she stayed with Leo for awhile until Leo was shot.










Piotr Denisov -was a professor at the University of Texas at Austin (science). He is the father of Robyn Sanning (through an affair with a student at the college, Angela Sanning) and may also be the biological father of Stella V (his wife Karen Maddox who was killed in a car crash). Is believed to have committed suicide August 1, 1992.


Karen Maddox – Married to Piotr and the mother of Sofia. Karen was an astronaut for NASA. Had seen things in space that convinced her to start “digging up more data on what’s here beneath our feet.” Was killed in a car crash.




pramikEdward Pramik – a professor at the University of Texas at Austin. He studied Ancient Societies. He had a graduate student, Angela Sanning, whom he may have been interested in. He knew Piotr Denisov and left the University very suddenly many years ago around the same time as Sofia was taken and Piotr and Karen died.


WHERE IS HE NOW: Unknown, if he is Wayland Vyctory, then it is presumed he is in Las Vegas



Scions of KnossosThis group sent a letter to Stella that the true name of the Minotaur is Asterion.



Bratva – a group briefly mentioned as a group that Wayland was trying to hold off and was a reason why Stella needed to not venture out.



The Brotherhood of the Snake (TBOTS) – a group claiming to be TBOTS hacked Stella’s website. However, another message, from TBOTS, claimed that there was a group of Uncorrupted who were not affiliated with TBOTS.