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Minoan: Monarchs of the Sea


Motto: SeaKings


MinoanThe forerunners of Classical Greek civilization, the Minoans were a powerful empire based on the island of Crete, that used sea power to extend their domain throughout the region. Legendary for their confident superiority, brashness, and swagger.



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Named after the Legendary King Minos, the Minoans were the root that grew into classical Greece. They were a major naval and trading power, which allowed them to spread their culture all across the Mediterranean and Europe.

  • Name: The Minoan Civilization
  • Continent: Europe/Mediterranean
  • Time Period: 2700-1450 BCE
  • Succeeded/Conquered By: Mycenaean Greeks
  • Currently: Greece

Sea power requires fearlessness, to cast off from dry land and sail out into the unknown. And the Minoans were nothing if not fearless, with a confidence that bordered on arrogance.

But the very thing that brought them their power – the sea – became the thing that caused their downfall, by spreading them too thin and making them vulnerable to their neighbors. And so the Minoans fell, and became just another island in the culture of Ancient Greece.

The Minoans knew – the unknown is nothing to fear. To the contrary, discovery, bravery – attacking your fears – is how you keep score in life. In the end, it’s the only thing that matters.

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 Endgame Player: Marcus Loxias Megolas 
Marcus Loxias Megolas
     To him, Endgame is the great adventure and he’s been waiting to go on it for his entire life. If Endgame doesn’t happen, he has nothing to live for. Endgame is everything. 

“Unlike Odysseus, war will never find Marcus. There will be no grand journey. His line has been waiting for 9,000 years. Since the day the knife was forged. For all Marcus knows, his line will wait for another 9,000 years, long after Marcus is gone and the pages of his book have disintegrated. So Marcus is bored.”