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Sumerian: The Cradle of Civilization 

Motto: Limitless.

SumerianThe Sumerians were the first powerful civilization to rise out of the Mesopotamian fertile crescent. Highly advanced for their time, they grew dominant behind strong agriculture and industrial innovations, becoming famous for their intelligence and forethought.




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Sumer invented forms of writing, governance, warfare and culture that would go on to influence Western Civilization to this day.  The “land of the civilized kings” made some of the most important advancements in military technology the world had ever seen. The Sumerian invention of the chariot allowed them to establish dominion across the entire fertile crescent.

Sumer is also the origin of some of the earliest myths and legends we have records from. The Epic of Gilgamesh is considered the origin point of modern literature. And the cult of the Sumerian sky god Anu has descendents and variations that cover the rest of the world throughout history.

  • Name: The Sumerian Civilization
  • Continent: Asia
  • Time Period: 4000-2300 BC
  • Succeeded/Conquered By: Akkadian Empire
  • Currently: Iraq

The Sumerians were brilliant, with an ability for complex and abstract thought that made them seem like higher beings to their stunted neighbors. And how could such grubby dirt farmers fathom the thoughts, ethics and morals of a people higher up the evolutionary chain?

From the outside, the Sumerians could seem to be cold, applying their ruthless logic on a grand scale. Nevermind how it impacted an individual – especially one who stood in the Sumer’s way. But from them we shall learn the value of thinking on a global scale, putting the welfare of the wider world ahead of the petty interests of the individual.

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Endgame Player: Kala Mozami 

Kala Mozumi


She was trained not to have friends or even family relations, only to kill and fight for Endgame. She wants to win and is more than willing to murder her way to do it.
“Bonds are formed, of course, and feelings nurtured, but it is essential for Players of the 89th not to have blood relations. These, they have learned over the centuries, cloud thought and action. There are stories of other lines, dead lines, collapsing under the weight of their own relations. So the 89s have no mothers or fathers. It has been this way for 4,394 years.”