Enklave First Look – UI

What is Enklave?

Enklave is an Alpha stage ARG, an Augmented Reality Game, under development from the beginning of summer 2014.

In the middle of September, about 1000 players got invited to a closed Alpha to try it and to refine game play mechanics.

The current app is a prototype, and will lead to a Kickstarter for crowfunding the native and definitive app.


Check out our first look at Gameplay: http://www.fevgames.net/enklave-first-look-gameplay/

Check out What’s Next for Enklave: http://www.fevgames.net/enklave-first-look-whats-next/


What does the Enklave UI currently look like?

Gameplay is RPG-oriented: you have stats, inventory, and you can attack enklaves to conquer them, or you can defend them from enemy attacks.

The main resource is scrap, gathered by walking around your city (scrap is collected automatically) and that can be crafted into bricks (for enklaves building) or cells (energy).

Combat is turn-based masked as real time: you can shoot every time your weapon is charged, or you can use a cell to recover a part of your energy or an ally’s energy.

Here are some of the game’s UI screenshots:


Map screen



Player screen


Items Inventory screen


Craft screen(while crafting a brick)


Settings screen (with temporary built in spoofing!)


Enklave screen


Combat screen



Thanks for reading our overview of the Enklave UI.

In the next articles we will dig deeper into the gameplay and core features of this Alpha project.