Enklave First Look – What’s Next?

Here’s what’s coming for Enklave: from what’s known, what’s planned and what’s hoped for.


Enklave Logo Medium Grey


Check out our first look at the UI: http://www.fevgames.net/enklave-first-look-gameplay/

Check out our first look at Gameplay: http://www.fevgames.net/enklave-first-look-gameplay/



  • Real World game map

    Play the game with your mobile device in the real world, every location in the game is an actual structure out there that you have to be at, in order to capture or defend!

  • 3 Factions to choose from

    Each faction has a different ideology. Chose one that fits you best and achieve victory!

  • No level cap

    You will never be at “max level”. While all game features are unlocked at level 9, you can keep leveling up indefinitely, gaining more and more power!

  • PvP

    Engage enemy players or help your allies in combat when you meet with them out in the field!

  • You can craft everything

    No need to ever get frustrated because you did not get that “drop”. Just craft the item!

  • No Grind, Ever!

    Just play! You never have to farm for resources or grind up your skills as you gain both by just playing the game and having fun!


Features which we know are coming soon:

  • Chat

    It is being developed as of the time of writing this article, and will be made public in a matter of days!

  • Territory control

    Plant the flag of your faction and hold it up high! Capture and defend territory in your, and your factions name!

  • Home Base

    Play the game even if you are at home, by having a unique “Home Base” that you can upgrade, store items at, and benefit from!

  • Raider camps (NPC)

    Find and destroy small raider camps all over the map.


Features which may come down the road and/or feature suggestions

  • Dynamic Skill system

    The more you perform a specific action, the better you get at the skills associated with it! Specialize, or be a Jack-Of-All-Trades. We will not tell you what to do, the choice is yours!

  • Clan system

    Gather your friends and form a clan. Earn the respect of friends and foes by fighting together and gaining group bonuses!

  • Advanced crafting

    A system to allow us to craft complex items by “forcing” several people to craft at once (group crafting)

  • Items trading

  • Party system

    Temporary as opposed to clan

  • Research

  • Deployable structures

    Auto-Cannons, bunkers, Perimeter Turrets

  • Regional resources

    Oil, Food, Water

  • Caravans

    To transport resources from Point A to B


In about 3 weeks, developers will publish a kickstarter to raise fundings for the project, and most of those features depend on the success of it.