EOS Protocol -EOS Imprint

The long awaited mystery of the fingerprint badge has been solved and you can earn it in this latest event! We are little late to reporting this but it is better late than never!


Event Details


Several weeks ago, Hulong Transglobal detected unusual energy patterns rippling across the Portal Network. Originally believed to be an echo of the same pattern seen in the Kythera Anomaly Series, it is now clear that this #EosImprint is connected to the Kythera outcome, but not the same signature. In response, the NIA has initiated a new project similar to the Eos Protocol. Agents are tasked with working to install new safeguards in the Portal Network

It seems our help is needed! If you wish to participate in this event you can start right now as the event runs from Today to Monday, June 6th, 16:00 UTC.

During the event period, the Ingress Scanner is expected to exhibit the following behaviors:

  • Links shorter than 8km in length can be created under Fields (all other preconditions still apply)
  • 9-minute Drone cooldown


EOS Imprint Medal

In order to recieve the EOS Imprint Medal, that can only be earned for the duration of this event, Agents will have to accumulate Event points throughout the event. Good news is, there are multiple actions an Agent can do to earn theses points.

  • 25 points for each field of 50k+ MU created
  • 16 points for each Portal Scan successfully uploaded
  • 9 points for each link of 1km+ in length created
  • 4 points for each Portal captured
  • 1 point for each Glyph correctly drawn


Medal Tiers 

  • Gold: 8,000 points
  • Silver: 4,000 points
  • Bronze: 2,000 points

If you are unsure where you stand in your current progress, there should be a metric added to your Agent profile under Events, titled EOS Points Earned, to easily track your points.


Kythera Winning Faction Bonus

After the Kythera Anomaly Series concludes on 27 June 2022, the winning Faction will earn an additional retroactive 25% bonus to their Eos Points Earned. This bonus will be applied to each Agent’s individually earned Event Points (rounded to the nearest Eos Point Earned). Upon receiving the bonus, individual Agents may need to restart their Scanner before obtaining a higher tier EOS Imprint medal.

In the event of Faction Change, only points earned when the Agent was on the winning Faction will be taken into consideration when calculating the bonus.


Agents, if you plan to participate in this event, please follow your local areas health and safety guidelines! Also share your experiences of this event on social media with the hashtag #EosImprint ! We love to see the amazing adventures people have.