EX Raids are Live!

Last night, Trainer broseph23 of Reddit received the first reported EX Raid Invite & Pass! This is right on time with the September 6th roll out date Niantic mentioned during the additional Gen II Legendaries release.

EX Raids

There are a few things we have learned so far from the details of the images shared from broseph23.

  • It is unknown if you had to have caught the Pokémon at the previous Raid for that Gym. It is assumed “victory” means you just needed to beat the Raid Pokémon, but not necessarily catch it to be eligible.
  • The invite appears to be 48 hours in advance.
  • The window to battle the EX Raid boss is a 2 hour window.
  • A link for directions to the Gym are also given.
  • If luck and eligible, the EX Raid invite goes out ~10-15 minutes after defeating a Raid (and possibly catching that Pokémon).
  • Invites for EX Raids are on a low percentage roll out during this “field test” phase.

EX Pass added to Game Master as  “Legendary Raid Ticket”

item_templates {
  item_settings {
    item_type: ITEM_TYPE_RAID_TICKET
    drop_trainer_level: 100


Along with EX Raid passes being added to the Game Master last night, a base capture rate was finally added for Mewtwo. On 9/7/17, the first Mewtwo in Pokémon GO will be caught!

base_capture_rate: 0.06