#FateOfThe13 Shards – Phase 1 & 2 Recap

With the start of Phase 3 upon us, lets recap on Phases 1 & 2. Having controlled the majority #FateOfThe13 Magnus of shards, The Enlightened have sealed the fate for 8 of the Niantic Researchers. The shards for the final 5 researches will determine their fate in this final phase.

We didn’t receive too many stories, but would like to encourage everyone who has an epic story during phase 3 to please share it with us! We’ve created a Google Form for story submissions and it just takes a few minutes to fill out. We look forward to sharing more of your stories and pictures from out in the field!



By Jordon Mizzi

Phase 1

Phase 2

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Shard #46 (ENL)

Mayday Mayday

By Agent n9Cz3r0

(This story was translated to English using Google Translate.)

Departure preparation for Bernd

Early Saturday morning shard # 46, lovingly Bernd was called, was published in Würzburg and sent immediately by our agents in a suburb. In the following hours, a heated battle in which succeeded the Enlightened to defend against Bernd numerically partially significant superior Schlumpf armies developed.

In the early evening announced +Nico Goer in our chats with the idea, even spontaneously down to go to help Bernd spot. After several hours of discussion, the decision was made to support at least the next two jumps on the spot. So Nico made his way to me, while I pursued Bernd on Intel. Grade, when he was on final approach, I witnessed an event that I hoped for, but not really had expected: our agents had succeeded in what the Smurfs had all day was not successful and had the shard is moved. So I went to Nico in the car with the words “Small target change.” It was midnight Ilmenau 450 km away, and Google Maps predicted an arrival at 4:30. Would be tight for the jump at 5 am, but could fit.

On the highway, then eternal Highway Zuckelei before we could start by the Hessian land between Limburg and Wetzlar to eat on the A4 kilometers. After we got actually assigned portals for blockers, we received about 4 o’clock the news that one of our agents was on Shardportal and have since then no longer reported over an hour. So change of objective and priorities – we directly control the car park at the walkway to Shardportal in to support the search Shards are important and Bernd particularly, but the safety of our agents will always take precedence.

So it came to pass that they could be successful RES, Bernd kidnap briefly, because we wanted to make no opposition to this jump. What we had the Smurfs way also informed #FairPlay

After fruitless searches in the farthest corners of the snowy Rennsteig comes around 6am the redeeming message that the agent was found safe and sound. So reorientation: The Smurfs had used our search to kidnap Bernd in downtown Ilmenau on a known RES house porch. Time for a courtesy visit. Short “Hello” said and then go looking for a baker who had already opened at this time, what we finally succeeded at 7am, now for 22 hours to give.

A much-needed strengthening and warm up later we start shortly before 9 back on the path to Bernd where arrives gradually further amplification. Over the next hour, some Smurfs spin, but it all seems so far as to run according to plan. Shortly before the jump, the portal is green, is the link to the next destination …. Unfortunately, the link is in the meantime for about 3 seconds break before it can be fired again, which is sufficient in this case to prevent the crack.

One of the locals had offered us his Coch, and we accept the offer to make up for three hours sleep, while the other agents make plans for the 15 o’clock jump. A good deal more alert and equipped with fresh rolls lubricated (thanks! Enlightened are great!) We get time back on the road and control to the portal, where Bernd to be brought to safety. Everything looks good, but three minutes before the jump takes us a blue block link in the way, shot from an account that was created minutes earlier. Yes nee is clear …

After all, it is still RES not succeeded in bringing Bernd under control, we are further options open. We say goodbye to the Thuringians and make our way home. Again kilometers devour. In the early evening Nico puts me in Gütersloh at the station, I start the final leg home and see while driving, it was our agent at 20 o’clock finally succeeded in bringing Bernd one step closer to its goal.
Move succeeded the DB yet, at Cologne Central Station to let a train disappear without a trace, so I quarter to was 11 at home as a result, 22:45 after departure. Over 1,000 kilometers later and richer by some experience. We coped very well, the only jump of Bernd under blue control was due to lack of fair play by RES, otherwise we kept at Bernd a clean slate and this also until now.


Thanks to everyone who supported us on our tour, you are great! Let’s hope that it succeeds in bringing Bernd home in time. Bonus points if the RES remains doomed to a helpless spectator role. #FightforBernd #BlockForBernd #ENLftw #FairPlay


Shard #46 (RES)


By Agent vortitu

This next story outlines some of the account casualties caught in the cross hairs of the anti-cheat system. We’ve heard of others being affected during the shard games and hope there is resolution brought to innocent bystanders trying to play fairly.

I can’t believe it. Just a few minutes ago my Scanner didn’t work anymore. And I got an email from +Niantic +NIA Ops :

Your account has been terminated for violations of the Ingress Terms of Service, including the section on Conduct, General Prohibitions, and Niantic’s Enforcement Rights. This includes, but is not limited to, falsifying your location, using emulators, modified or unofficial software and/or accessing Ingress clients or backends in an unauthorized manner including through the use of third party software.

This message is being sent from an unmonitored email inbox. Please do not reply to this email.

And as many others before, I don’t know why. And you don’t tell me why. And if my account get reactivated, my soujourner will be gone…. I have only 10 days left for the black badge.

I’m a long time Player, over 4 years now. And i always played fair and regulary. So this termination is really disappointing 🙁


Shard #33 (RES)

Moving Magnus shard #33 From Bolivia to Argentina

By Agent 88mary256

Day 1 the shard manifested itself in Bolivia, department of La Paz.

The agents, due to shard’s arriving time and location of the first manifestation, could not be present at that time. But seeing that the enlightened were in place, trying to move the shard, they hastened to defend bravely. @ Denvas92 and @Benjikun, who were finishing dinner, rushed to the portal and fought in the first war to defend the shard, trying to keep the portal from being taken by the Enlightened during the checkpoint of 23:00 pm Bolivian time. Minutes later, comes agent @DavionHk and the frogs failed to get the shard off La Paz (it only moved a few blocks). Agent @dexm, despite carrying out social activities and being a bit tipped over, went to the portal to watch it the whole dawn, securing the shard at the 4:00 am checkpoint Bolivian time. He kept in conversation with other agents to stay awake.

Many agents were organizing contacts and intel that dawn. We dawned on the expectation of the checkpoint at 9:00 am and where we planned to move the shard. @CROLAS7 cleared the map with a JARVIS in Villazón – Tarija. Between 5 and 8 we fell asleep. Intel and field agents asleep by staying up late. 8:30 am @Brujinga and @88mary256 woke up the agents by phone calls. Exactly at 8:52 am the first agent arrives at the shard portal, @elbarto034, and puts it at level 6. @Benjikun, @denvas92, @athos486 and @pishika came running afterwards: some of them to clear blockages, others to raise the portal to level 7 and send the link to Tarija, to move the shard to the destination in Argentina. Tarija agents were ready on arrival portal to receive the shard thanks to free passage but the link did not come out, we trod the time and spent a checkpoint without having moved the shard. Everyone went to breakfast and wake the missing ones to be ready and in position for the next checkpoint 14:00 pm.

@denvas92 and @elbarto034 stayed in vigil near the portal … which happens to be a bank, so being on the portal alerts the police and is not very feasible. 1:00 pm and the agents prepared to knock down and retake the portal. They had some technical cell phone flaws. Some agents were on the way for cleaning blockages and others made lure movements, Tarija agents were again in position and ready to receive the shard in the L7 portal.

13:58 pm link established. 14:00 pm was checkpoint and the shard arrives safely to the portal destination “Parque Nacional El Papa” Success from La Paz!!! Argentina had to clean blockage and had the task of linking to bring the shard to destination.

Everybody were prepared to recharge Tarija and, at the checkpoint 19:00 pm, to move the shard to the new destination in Argentina … or as close as possible.

14:20 pm was registered a spoof attack of @⁠⁠⁠Emp0Bish4rp of the Enlightened.

18:30 pm Enlightened agents appeared and attacked the portal trying to take the shard. Tarija agents @Drigo92 and @xzcratos struggled to keep the shard blue and they succeeded.

19:00 pm Argentina was still blocked and the reception link did not go out, the shard remains in Tarija, the shard was inside a park and it was closed.

00:00 am checkpoint without spoof activity, the shard was still in the portal “Parque Nacional El Papa”.

05:00 am checkpoint without spoof activity.

09:10 am Tarija agents: @Drigo92, @xzcratos and @vicmoi regroup in in the park waiting for Argentina to establish the link.

10:00 am a blockage in Salta prevents the link establishing.

15:00 pm Enlightened players appear, the anomaly reactivates them and arrive in herd to steal the shard but they do not get it, the shard jumps to the next portal L7 “Octavio Campero Echazu” in the airport of Tarija, intel locates it and the agents Move to this new portal, Enlightened takes it and puts it on farm mode.

19:04 pm Resistencia retakes and put jarvis to the portal and retakes again. A hard battle begins. Axa after Axa, Softbank after Softbank, they fall. Everyone who had a key supported recharging.

19:33 @jazminagus777 multiaccounting spoof of the Enlightened jumps to Jujuy and start linking like crazy all Tarija to block the exit to Cordoba and Tucuman.
The agents move quickly to jarvis the only link that blocks the passage to the Tucumán Airport.

19:50 pm the step is released. @katvinci gives the order of linking in spite of 15 min left, the Enlightened agents in place and spoofers were attacking with everything, Resistance was recharging, installing one softbank after another and then, it was linked. The link goes out!!!! The whole country was recharging Tarija, All of Argentina recharging Tucumán. After all the enduring… resisting… FINALLY CHECKPOINT! shard moves and arrives on TUCUMAN!!! Total success.

20:00 pm The Shard arrives in Tucuman, the participation of Bolivia in the shard movement ends, now there is the support of blockades and that Argentina moves the shard to destiny in Córdoba.

There was a lot of international help in intel, organization, creation and clearing blockages.

During the two days of the shard in Bolivia, the agents of Chuquisaca (Bolivia), Cochabamba (Bolivia), Costa Rica, Colombia collaborated creating block links to defend the shard and prevent it from being taken to the target of Brazil or to the target Costa Rica.

Argentina and Chile agents cleared blockades.

Many thanks to all the agents for the help

@88mary256 @Agente08 @Ajoce @ALCON20 @AlissAhava @Amorosa @Arascain @athos486 @benjikun @blackpanter63 @Bogadus @Brujinga @costeleta @CROLAS7 @DavionHK @Demtho @denvas92 @dexm @DraykoEs @Drigo92 @elbarto034 @ETMillo @FrankCebolla @gongallogalan @Guardianoscuro @isavengadora @Jegobu @Katvinci @Killolokillo @Lemich1 @M2HP @m4662 @manuelbe100 @Milosho @NTsoukaIos @Oddities @padilla20141 @paulomh @pishika @rabemo @rapthor3 @RuddyJr @Selenedelunna @SneakFly @SSJGodBlue @STRaToViRus @TheBlueRider @TiNNeH @transplorador @TrumpCorporate @VicMoi @wakkodg507 @Wiwixu @WlLGUT @xzcratos @yevita @Zlapped



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By Mustafa Said

So, in simplistic terms, the goal of this Shard event is to reform the Niantic Magnus.
The Magnus is comprised of the 13 Researchers that originally formed the Niantic Project in 2012. Each researcher is tied to a specific Archetype and when all 13 Archetypes are filled, a Magnus can be created.
An Archetype is a model or role that a person can fill. It seems that certain groups of Archetypes are needed to form a Magnus.
During Via Noir, Agent activity allowed Devra to stop Oliver Lynton-Wolfe from fully activating the Tecthullu. Apparently, that’s not all that happened. The destruction of the Tecthullu also caused the Magnus to suffer some sort of destabilization, allowing the Researchers to no longer be bound to an Archetype.
In this Shard Event, all of the Archetypes are up for grabs as well as the Researcher who fits the current Archetype.
Capture the majority of the Shards of a specific Researcher and you will control whether that person should remain tied to their Archetype or instead be bonded to a new one.
The ultimate goal of the Shard Event is to gain total or majority control of the Researchers. Doing so will grant that faction the majority influence within the new Magnus that will be formed at the end of the event.