February Flash Event

Researchers have identified a flash event coming to the scanner in response to the addition of the Portal History and layers Button that was recently added to the scanner. They predict that this event should last from Friday, Feb 19 1700 UTC to Friday, Feb 26 1700 UTC with these other changes also affecting the scanner;

  • 2X AP for 1st and 8th Resonator deploy
  • 2X AP for Links created
  • Deploy up to 4 Mods per Portal
  • Reduced Kinetic Capsule Program distance to 4km for newly run Programs
  • Drone cooldown time reduced to 15 minutes

To take advantage of these changes, a new bundle will be added to the in App Store for the duration of the event.


Link Bundle (2,500 CMU)

  • 15 Rare Link Amp
  • 10 Common Heat Sink


This event will not have a Unique Medal or Agent stat.

As always Agents, we encourage you to follow any local health and safety guidelines when participating in this event!


Featured image was created by Niantic