FieldArt Challenge

Agents are you ready for another challenge? This weekend we have another event in Ingress for you guys to enjoy! Let’s see how creative you can get!

Event Details

This event will be taking place from Friday, July 23rd 4PM UTC to Monday, August 2nd 4PM UTC. The goal is to fill the portal network with your own creative Field Art! This is a chance for all of you out there that enjoy making appropriate images across our scanners to field and share your creation on social media with the hashtag #FieldArt.

The following will be implemented for the duration of the event:

  • 2X AP for Links created
  • 2X AP for Fields created
  • 2X increase of SoftBank Ultra Link drop rate
  • Increased Key drop through More command
  • Hack/Glyph Hack guarantees first Key drop

Along with this event, Agents who have not already acquired a 6th keylocker in the past, will be able to get it from the in app store! This has been a largely requested opportunity that will be available for the duration of this event. If you already have 6 keylockers, you will not be able to get 7th one. Sorry, but congrats to those who have waited!

Please keep in mind, like most monthly challenges, this event does not have a medal with it. 

I hope to see a lot of amazing field arts out there this weekend Agents! Please remember to follow all of your local health and safety guidelines while participating in this event. If you can’t make your own art, like and share the ones posted to spread the creativity.