IFS Featured Artist- April 2022

Hello Agents! It is First Saturday weekend and we have another piece of wonderful artwork for you to see! This months artist is Snwapple from Japan!

Agent Name:




12 (Recursed)

How long have you been playing?
7 years

What inspired you to submit your piece to the contest?
Aomi-chan, the Tokyo Anomaly Res supporting character, inspires me! She was created by Hinata Kino, the first artwork winner.

Is there anything about your artwork you want people to know?
IThe two girls in this picture are Aomi-chan and her friend. Aomi-chan was drawn in my previous picture in July 2021.

Is there a website where people can see your artwork or other artwork you like to show?
Please see my Twitter!

Are there any details you would like to share about your craft? 
iPad + Apple pencil. All of my recent artworks were drawn with it!

Do you plan to make swag of it?
No plan to.

Is it ok if agents use your image in their Virtual IFS Group photos?
Okay, welcome!

Also agents! This mission set has been provided by Snwapple as well for your use!


I really like seeing these mascots! This is such gorgeous piece.  Thank you so much for participating in the competition and doing this interview! Agents, if you would like to get the media for this artwork join an IFS event this weekend and help decode your puzzle! Thank you to Tabineco, who made some templates here for IFS groups to use in Group Photo collages!


Please be mindful not to use this artwork(s) used in this post without permission of the artist outside of group photos for IFS. Thank you and we hope you participate in future IFS art competitions!