Glyph the Planet and New NL Glyphs

Good afternoon Agents! We have a new event for this weekend and it is, obviously, one that i love.

The whereabouts of P.A. Chapeau remains unknown, but it’s clear that he has returned and made his presence known through the Scanner News Feed. It seems that he still has more to share…Agents, search deep into the Glyph[s] to uncover the messages he is attempting to deliver. -Nia

Event Details

Our goal is to glyph hack Agents! Glyph all the portals that you can between Thursday, 17 June 22:00 (10PM) UTC Friday, June 18th 4PM UTC to Friday, June 25th 4PM UTC. We will cross our fingers that new messages will be seen. This event will have these added changes for the duration of the event:

  • Kinetic Capsule Program distance reduced to 4km from 8km
  • Double deploy of Level 8 Resonators
  • Increased item output for successful Glyph hacking
  • 2X AP for successful Glyph hacking (including Drone)
  • A new event metric ‘Event Portal Glyph Points’ added to your Agent Profile to help you monitor the number of Glyph points earned

Like in previous events, the reduced 4km Kinetic Capsule distance only applies to newly run Programs, and does not apply to Programs already running prior to the start of the Event.

Event Bundles

It seems the Nia is just as curious as we are about what messages PAC may have for us. They are offering a free kinetic capsule bundle in the in app store and advertising another kinetic bundle for sale within the shop as well. Take advantage of this while you can agents!

Free Kinetic Program Bundle (0 CMU)

  • 3 Rare Shield
  • 3 Rare Heat Sink
  • 3 Rare Multi-Hack
  • 3 Rare Link Amp
  • 5 L4 Power Cubes


Kinetic Program Bundle (2,000 CMU)

  • 3 Rare Shield
  • 3 Rare Heat Sink
  • 3 Rare Multi-Hack
  • 3 Rare Link Amp
  • 10 L4 Power Cubes



Currently there are no rewards for this event, though we are hopeful for some glyph sequences! If we get them, they will be posted here.

Update! There are new NL Glyphs! So here we go~

Previously Known NL Glyphs

  • You See N L Again
  • See N L Pure Perfection
  • Want 1 3 3 1

New NL Glyphs

  • Help N L Avoid Capture
  • Accept Human Inside N L
  • Clear Path Help N L
  • See N L Together Again
  • Difficult Journey Pursue N L
  • Follow 1 3 3 1
  • Clear Path Help N L
  • Potential New N L Destination
  • Open N L Search Inside
  • Difficult Journey Pursue N L
  • Repair 1 3 3 1
  • N L Have Portal Message
  • Past Present Future N L
  • Begin New N L Journey
  • Discover N L Technology Outside

As always Agents, please follow all of your local health and safety guidelines while playing Ingress! It is time to move, and Glyph everything! Let’s get those glyphs! #glyphstudy