Hack the Planet Weekend event

Are you ready for another weekend event Agents? It seems we repelled NEMESIS Optima successfully but we need to be on the look out for any potential threats! It is unknown what this alternate reality had in store for us and if Optima was operating alone. So, in order to check the network, Researchers need our help in hacking as many unique portals as possible, including drone hacks, starting today, April 9th 16:00 UTC to Monday, April 12th 16:00 UTC.


Event Details

Niantic has provided these details on the event in their Ingress Forums post and comments!

  • If a Portal was hacked the day before the event started, and then hacked during the event, it would still count as a UPH for this challenge. This includes Drone hacks.
  • You will not get extra points by hacking a portal and then hacking the same portal with a Drone.
  • Progress of the unique hack counts will be updated once per day on the News Feed
  • There will be a new event metric added to your Agent Profile for the duration of the Global Challenge to help you monitor the number of unique Portals you have hacked. This metric will be titled Unique Event Portals Hacked.
  • This event will have a NEW TWIST that will make the bonus rewards handy


Bonus During Event

Every event gets a special bonus and who doesn’t love a hack cool-down?

  • Cool-down time of Drone Mark l will be reduced from 60 minutes to 10 minutes
  • 2X AP for Glyph Hacking (Drone included)
  • Hacking friendly Portals will also earn 100AP



Agents, our goal is to meet a global threshold for 3,500,000 unique hacks combined in order for us to help the Researchers in understanding what is happening! In order to encourage Agents to meet this goal, Researchers these limited time rewards will be enabled Friday, April 23rd 16:00 UTC to Friday, April 30th 16:00 UTC if the goal is met:

  • Damage of Level 4 through 6 XMP Bursters increased by 1 level
  • 2X AP for Link and Field destroy, (187 → 374AP for Links; 750 → 1500AP for Fields)
  • Portal recharge earns 100AP


The event is about to start, so i hope you are ready Agents!  Please follow your local health and safety guidelines at this time while playing Ingress! Share your event experiences by using the hashtag #HackThePlanet on your social medias! Happy Hacking!