Hackstreak Epoch Medal

We are a little late on reporting this but Agents there’s a new badge you can earn in the scanner! Niantic released this last week a new daily hack badge you can earn with a couple extra bonuses called the Epoch Medal. We finally get daily hack bonuses that Fev once speculated on so long ago Agents! Isn’t that exciting?


How it works

Like the sojourner medal you need to hack daily in order to continue your Hackstreak for the Epoch medal. Your first hack each day will display a toast message indicating the Hackstreak status. Days for this are defined as a day of the week, 0:00:00 midnight to 23:59:59 in your local time. For example, if you hack a Portal at any time on Tuesday local time, you will be eligible for the next daily bonus on Wednesday at 12:00 AM local time. Unlike with sojourner, these Hackstreaks do not have to stay consecutive in order to earn the next tier of the medal. The medal will increment by 1 for each completed 7-day streak and you can either work toward your second Hackstreak cycle the very next day, or skip a day or more, and start the second cycle. Both will increase by 1 when the second full Hackstreak cycle is completed.

Completed Hackstreaks will be added under the Streaks section of the Agent stats. Current Hackstreak will be added under the Streaks section of NOW, indicating progress on your current hack streak.

Bonus Items and AP

Agents can now earn bonus items and AP everyday now by Hacking portals daily! For the first 6 days, any portal you hack in a day will have bonus of +500 AP and 2x output of hacked items. When you hack portals for 7 days in a row, the bonus will increase to 1000 AP and 3x output of hacked items on the 7th day.  Also, the Hackstreak AP and item bonuses can be stacked with other multipliers, such as Glyphing, Apex, and Fracker. Glyphing with this bonus has already proved to be very fruitful! I encourage all agents to try it!

Medal Tiers

I don’t know about you agents but i personally love the design of this medal and its glyph like appearance! I can’t wait to earn it but earning it’s final tier will take some time!

  • Bronze: 2 Full Hackstreak cycles
  • Silver: 4 Full Hackstreak cycles
  • Gold: 8 Full Hackstreak cycles
  • Platinum: 30 Full Hackstreak cycles
  • Onyx: 60 Full Hackstreak cycles



What do you think Agents? Will you be aiming for the top tier of this Medal? Are you excited for a new daily goal? Share your experiences with this on social media and as always, happy hacking!

Featured image was created and shared by Niantic on social media.