2014 Ingress Anomaly Report

82,819 points, 16,638 portals, 4,037 links, 448 clusters, 324 cells, 114 cities and 4 series’, 2014 was a long, exciting year of Ingress anomalies.

The Resistance won the year with 55.4% of all points awarded. They also won 56.1% of all portals, 59.6% of all links, 55.8% of the regional cells, 61.4% of the clusters and 71% of all Series Points.

The Enlightened didn’t go down without a fight ending the year with the most fields, 50.6%, and the most Miscellaneous points, 82.5%*

*Miscellaneous points include the XM Vault in Recursion, Link Chains in Interitus and the High Risk Portal Array in Helios.

The Resistance started off the year winning 7 of the 8 anomalies in the Recursion Series.


The Resistance kept the lead through Interitus winning 4 of the 6 cities. The Enlightened’s scoring of 204 Link Chains in the 5th anomaly earnt them the biggest win of the year with 4,195.3 points.



The Enlightened had a promising start to Helios but lost momentum when the Helios Artifacts came out at the 7th anomaly. The Resistance won Helios with almost double the Series Points.


The final series of the year which celebrated Ingress’ 2nd birthday saw the Resistance finish off the year without losing a series.


Regional Cells

324 Regional cells were measured during anomalies this year, the Resistance won 55.9% of them.


The Shaper Septicycle scoring system was introduced at the start of the year. The Resistance won the first 20 cycles before the Enlightened won their first cycle. 26.4 billion Mind Units were measured throughout the 48 cycles in 2014.

The Resistance captured 57.388% of all Mind Units this year and averaged 83,067,467 more Mind Units than the Enlightened.

Septicycle Analysis


Congratulations to both teams on a hard fought 2014 and good luck to everyone for 2015!