#IngressFS – January 2016 Results

949 Agents from 44 cities in 18 countries earned 90 million AP, gained 125 levels and walked 2,689 km during January’s First Saturday events around the world.

The most AP earned this month was in Portland, OR, USA, with over 8 million AP earned. (They also earned the most AP in 2015.)

Tampa Bay Area, FL and Fayetteville, AR, USA both had the most levels gained with 9 each.

The highest average AP per agent was in Merida, Mexico where 14 agents earnt an average of 235,600 AP. The biggest event was in Suzhou, China where 67 agents attended.

The agents in Suzhou, China also walked the furthest total distance, clocking up 264 km while in Las Palmas, Spain, 23 agents walked an average of 7.09 km

For the month, the Enlightened had 5 more levels gained and 4,529 more AP per agent while the Resistance had an extra 11 agents, 2.7 million ap and 239 km walked.

This month also saw the first ever FS event at the South Pole, Antarctica where 1 agent from both teams got together for a chat and drink to celebrate the new year.

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