IngressFS – January 2017 Results

731 Agents from 31 cities in 17 countries earned 78 million AP, gained 67 levels and walked 1,876 km during January’s First Saturday events around the world.

The Resistance kicked off the year with a strong start beating the Enlightened in most of the categories: Resistance had 59 more agents, 5 more levels gained, 2 million more AP gained and 52 more KM walked compared to the Enlightened. However, Enlightened were able to earn an average of 11k AP per agent more than the Resistance.

The top city this month was Surakarta, Indonesia where agents there earned a total of 10.4 million AP and gained 9 levels.

The agents in Surakarta were also the most efficient this month with the 44 agents there earning an average of 238k AP.

The furthest distance walked for January was in Townsville, Australia where there was also a Mission Day on the following day. Agents there walked a total of 201 KM. The furthest average distance walked was in Cardiff, UK where 15 agents walked an average of 5.67 KM.

The scorecards for each of the participating cities can be found below to be shared with your community.

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