IngressFS January 2023

Agents, welcome to a new year, and with it, a return to Onsite FS Events! Be sure to find an event near you on the IngressFS Event Map.

All the changes to FS events were listed in our update post last month, but some of the key details include:

  • Agents attending Online events need to recharge 10,000 XM to be eligible for the FS Badge.
  • Agents attending Onsite events need to gain 10,000 AP to be eligible for the FS Badge.
  • Onsite events will have frackers appear at their restocking location 2.5 hours after their event start time.
  • During your event, take a group photo that follows the guidelines (online) (onsite).
  • Onsite and Online events will get different passcode puzzles, solving and submitting them below is still mandatory.
  • Onsite events will need to hack the portals in their puzzle during the 3 hour event window to solve it.
  • The Onsite passcode is a big one! Be sure to redeem them during the event window as they will expire 3 hours after the event start time.
  • Finally, don’t forget to submit your results and group photo before the end of the week!

For more details on the requirements, check out the IngressFS Organiser’s Guide page.

Media Artwork Competition for 2023

The 2023 IngressFS Media Artwork Competition is now open! The theme of the 2023 contest is your favorite portal. We’ve also updated the rules for the competition so be sure to read the post and get your artworks submitted by Jan 23rd.

City Passcode Puzzles

Once your event’s passcode has been solved, submit it on the form below.

Global Code Puzzle

Thank you to @laughingwater for creating this month’s puzzle again. Each piece of the puzzle is being posted in the IngressFS Global Telegram Chat and we’re going to need all the help we can get to solve this super special 2023 New Year’s puzzle!